You’ve heard of 420 (National Cannabis Day), but do you know about 710? In the cannabis community, July 10th is Oil Day – because “710” upside-down is “OIL” – and it’s a time to celebrate cannabis oil products and concentrates, as well as highly potent forms such as hash, resin, shatter, wax and others. In fact, many cannabis advocates recognize the date as International Dab Day!

At Honeysuckle, we’re fans of all items that spring from the magical plant (and we’re no stranger to dabs either). And in the spirit of a truly monumental 710, we’re bringing you our picks for the hottest products to elevate your summer holiday. So sit back, relax, and concentrate

Best Oil Day Vapes

PAX 3 in Amber and ERA Pro in Sapphire (C) PAX Labs

PAX 3 and ERA Pro

Leading the pack in exceptional devices, the award-winning PAX Labs has given their cult favorite vaporizers a vibrant summer makeover! PAX 3, the ultimate portable device for loose-leaf and concentrates, is now available in Amber, inspired by the pre-sunset “golden hour” that feels like magic. Its sister product ERA Pro, the most discreet device on the market offering predictability and full flavor with a curated selection of cannabis pods, also has a new look in Sapphire, a deep blue indicative of the Pacific Ocean. These limited-edition colors allow consumers maximum personalization and the purest cannabis experience possible, as well as control and consistent quality with extended battery life and PAX App capabilities. As life reopens, these pocket-sized vapes are the perfect companions for a hot vaxxed summer.

RYTHM LIVE Oil Cartridge (C) RYTHM

RYTHM LIVE Oil Cartridge

As the song goes, the Rythm is going to get you! The latest vaporizer from the full-spectrum company RYTHM is a live resin made from fresh-frozen flower. Fans of RYTHM express appreciation for the brand’s true-to-plant experience, as they specifically cultivate each strain to harness its unique qualities for body and mind. New kid on the block RYTHM LIVE offers a fun remix with an array of terpenes and THCa for a flavorful premium vape experience, made more deluxe through its use of superior CCELL hardware. That’s what we call hitting a high note.

Best Oil Day Pre-Rolls

(C) Space Coyote

Space Coyote Infused Joints

We must admit we have a little crush on Space Coyote. Dedicated to crafting products for stoners, by stoners, the California-based brand embraces the cosmic power of cannabis and support farmers who use regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices to cultivate their plants. The difference is evident in Space Coyote’s distinctive infused joints, which feature unique strain pairings and top-quality icewater hash from Nasha Extracts. Other pre-rolls include concentrates like diamonds and live resin. For those seeking something new, Space Coyote also recently launched its first high-potency flower (minus the pre-roll), sold in quarters for a guaranteed good time.

Baker's Pre-Rolls (C) Baker's Cannabis Co.

Baker’s Infused Pre-Rolls

Can pre-rolls make for a proper 710 celebration? They can if they’re coated in cannabis distillate, like these new infused pre-rolls from Baker’s Cannabis Co. Distillation is hailed as the next evolution in cannabis production science, as the process creates a tasteless, odorless, 99 percent pure THC concentrate. Highly potent and developed by the minds behind California cultivation pioneer Canndescent, the Baker’s distillate is infused with terpenes for maximum flavor, adding to the richness of these indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties which include classic strains like Peach Ozz, Meat Breath, and Garlic Breath. Each joint is rolled in a THC kief for the ultimate entourage effect and a full-body high.

Aster Farms Infused Pre-Roll (C) Aster Farms

Aster Farms Infused Olive Oil and Pre-Rolls

Genuine oil on Oil Day? You best! Thanks to a partnership between the Northern California brand Aster Farms, renowned for its sustainably produced sungrown flower, and Potli, the premium purveyor of cannabis edibles products for the kitchen, infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available. The highly-rated oil is potent and relaxing, containing 100mg of THC in an 8.45 fluid ounce tin. For those who prefer to get their potency the old-fashioned way, we recommend checking out Aster Farms’s solvent-free infused pre-rolls with icewater hash. Fun-sized and portable, the perfect ratios allow for a smooth and even burn while packing a punch.

Best Oil Day Tinctures and Edibles

Kind Tree Cannabis THC+ Tinctures (C) Kind Tree Cannabis

Kind Tree Cannabis THC+ Tinctures

Who says West Coast is the best coast when it comes to cannabis? With strains developed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, Kind Tree Cannabis has a reputation as one of the East Coast’s most memorable and eco-friendly medical marijuana cultivators. Through organic growing practices, the use of water reclamation systems to preserve water use, and techniques such as a combination of natural sunlight and LED lights, the Kind Tree team has created a sustainable production system for a pure cannabis experience. Their latest innovation, THC+ Tinctures, take the earthy goodness to a new level by offering 900mg of THC per bottle of oil for a delicious extra-strength elevation. Available in flavors like Mango, Green Apple and Electric Strawberry, these tinctures prove a little kindness goes a long way.

Kanha Infused Gummies in Hybrid Pink Guava (C) Kanha Treats / Sunderstorm

Kanha Infused Gummies

Yes, gummies can be for 710 too, as long as they’re infused with premium THC oil. Rivaling the industry’s leading gummy brands, Kanha Treats have found an enthusiastic cult following among the cannabis community for their original flavors and bliss-inducing effects. Products vary depending on your location, so consumers in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada and Canada can cultivate their own individual gummy adventures. Powered by the California-based wellness company Sunderstorm, Kanha recently released limited-edition Pink Guava gummies as part of its Exotic Series, featuring 10mg of hybrid THC per piece. Elements of a tropical getaway combined with Kanha’s reliable dosing produces an excellent pain reliever. Kanha will debut exclusive Exotic Series flavor drops throughout the year, so stay tuned for your next ticket to paradise.

Incredibles S'mores Chocolatey Bar (C) Incredibles

Incredibles S’mores Chocolatey Bar

Distillate is not just for coating flower! Allow your Oil Day experience to merge with the nostalgic taste of summer in the S’mores Chocolatey Bar from the award-winning Incredibles. Founded by cannabis OGs, the Incredibles brand has been innovating edibles consumption since 2010, pioneering methods of dose transparency and product effectiveness that established the industry standard. The S’mores Chocolatey Bar proves how that standard creates a gooey marshmallow-and-chocolate goodness built to fire up your taste buds. With 10mg of THC per piece, this notable delectable – recognized as the Best Tested Edible in 2015’s THC Championship – provides a consistent elevation great for medical and recreational consumers alike. But if you want to enjoy this adult take on summer sweetness, you’ll have to act fast; it’s a season-exclusive item.

THC-Free Fun

Okay, 710 is all about high-potency, but some cannabis enthusiasts may want to celebrate with a different kind of buzz. For the CBD, psychedelics, and merchandise lovers in your life, here are our favorites.

Laganja Estranja "Lip Sync Assassin" T-shirt (C) Laganja Estranja

Laganja Estranja Apparel Collection

The iconic Laganja Estranja is back on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, and while she lights up our TV screens, she can also light up your life with exclusive cannabis-themed apparel. Brand-new “Lip Sync Assassin” T-shirts immortalize her best Drag Race look in white, black and green, while her Neon Collection features shirts, hoodies, tote bags, sneakers, and a host of other highly prized merchandise. Let’s get SICKENING!

Herbas Bodycare CBD Salve (C) Herbas

Herbas Bodycare Full-Spectrum CBD Salve

Handcrafted in the heart of New York with full-spectrum CBD, this all-over moisturizing salve is a true superhero product! A lifesaver for those who experience eczema and inflammation on a daily basis, this potent topical also makes a great muscle reliever, bug bite soother, and sexual lube. (Our staff highly recommends it for help with acne breakouts too.) Made in small batches with organic cold-pressed coconut oil, essential oils, and a combination of homegrown and wildcrafted herbs, the salve smells as nice as it feels. Herbas is a Latinx woman-owned small business operating out of New York’s Harlem area; all cannabis plants used for Herbas products are sustainably grown by upstate New York farm Head and Heal, and items are produced by hand using cruelty-free methods and vegan ingredients. One jar of Herbas salve is your first step to an everlasting wellness journey.

40 Tons co-founder and CEO Loriel Alegrete (C) Emily Eizen

40 Tons Apparel Collection

The fight for cannabis justice is an everyday battle, and the 40 Tons team is committed to representing those impacted by the War on Drugs. A Black, woman-owned premium cannabis company, 40 Tons is founded by legacy operators and works to break the chains of systemic oppression. Proceeds from their apparel lines – which include tops, bottoms, hats, masks, and more – go to further the company’s efforts for restorative justice. A special line of Prisoner Campaigns shirts and masks have the added benefit of 100 percent of profits going directly to the incarcerated citizens. Imagine the impact of saving cannabis prisoners’ lives with a 40 Tons mask while also keeping yourself and others safe from COVID-19.

DoubleBlind Issue #5 (C) DoubleBlind Magazine

DoubleBlind Magazine

Those following the psychedelic revolution know that the movement is fueling new transformations in medicine, business, and culture at all levels. DoubleBlind is a print magazine and digital media company at the forefront of the psychedelic movement, and its fifth edition has just landed in mailboxes around the country. The latest issue dives deep into what it means to live psychedelically, exploring stories of spiritual crisis, the future of MDMA godfather Sasha Shulgin’s legacy, the iconography of Mexican curandera Maria Sabrina, and visually compelling features that include poetry, art, and photo essays. With contributors from across the globe, DoubleBlind reports on some of the most crucial issues of our time. It’s required reading for the psyche-curious, particularly as we come down from the height of the pandemic’s head-trip.

Did we miss your favorite high-potency products? Let us know in the comments or hit us up at @honeysucklemagazine on Instagram with your best Oil Day picks!