By Franklin Saldana Jr.

In the heart of New York State, a dynamic community of farmers and cultivators is revolutionizing agriculture in the adult-use cannabis marketplace. Focused on sustainable practices, celebrating diversity, and fostering strong community ties, these individuals are transforming the landscape of cultivation. Join us as we delve into the thriving fields of New York's licensed farmers, uncovering the inspiring stories behind some of the trailblazing brands reshaping the very essence of growing cannabis in the Empire State.

Who Are Some Of New York's Leading Licensed Cultivators?

Claudine Farms owners Jasmine Burems and King Aswad (C) Claudine Farms
(C) Claudine Farms

Claudine Farms, @claudinefarms

Claudine Farms is a Black woman-led, family-owned and operated organic farm in Hudson Valley. The mom-and-pop leadership of founders Jasmine Burems and King Aswad prioritizes community engagement, offering educational workshops and volunteering opportunities to support local food initiatives. “We are a feminist family,” their mission statement reads, “and we can create racial equity and an inclusive clean economy by making regenerative agriculture accessible to Black, Indigenous and QPOC communities in New York.” The Claudine Farms team uses innovative techniques and sustainable methods to cultivate sun-grown flower, as well as medicinal, ceremonial, and culinary herbs. Through their work, they aim to mobilize toward social justice and make change in the community, particularly through their creation of the Institute of Afrofuturist Ecology

Left to right: Co-owner Gail Hepworth, Cannabis Specialist Michael Hart, co-owner Amy Hepworth (C) Hepworth Farms
(C) Peter Freed / Hepworth Farms

Hepworth Farms, @hepworthfarms 

"Regenerative agriculture is not something that exists, it's something that you work at." Amy Hepworth, owner of Hepworth Farms, has worked her whole life in holistic farming. The family business, which she operates with her sister Gail, is a 7th generation enterprise in organic food dating back over 200 years. Now they are one of New York's most prominent cannabis producers. By teaming with seasoned California operator Pura, Hepworth cultivates sun-grown, regenerative cannabis on farmland in Milton, New York, releasing a diverse catalogue of genetics and flower into the legal industry. Committed to food sovereignty, Hepworth Farms actively engages in community-led initiatives and with organizations focused on food redistribution by growing and delivering fresh healthy vegetables directly to food insecure neighborhoods.

Ravens View Genetics owners Joann and Michael Kudrewicz (C) Ravens View Genetics
(C) Ravens View Genetics

Ravens View Genetics, @ravensviewgenetics

Based in the Catskills-nestled town of Delhi, New York, Ravens View Genetics is one of the state’s most premium growers, prioritizing the selection and breeding of cannabis to create a unique product with exceptional flavor profiles. Led by Joann and Michael Kudrewicz, a couple with 22 years’ experience in cultivating landrace strains, the company strives to grow the best possible flower with their initiative “For the Love of Grow.” The name Ravens View is inspired by the founders’ late daughter Nina Keona, and her connection to the spiritual black bird, as well as her passion for holistic health and the plant itself. Providing cultivars with rich genetic heritage, Ravens View offers full-cannabinoid strains that are unlike anything else in the legal market. Their team is also involved in efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the cannabis industry. The company served as presenting sponsor for the 2023 Great New York State Cannabis Growers Showcase, marking the first time in the nation that cannabis could be sold at a state-sanctioned event. 

(C) FlowerHouse NY
(C) FlowerHouse NY

FlowerHouse New York, @flowerhouse.ny 

Based in Walden, New York along the Wallkill River, FlowerHouse is one of the largest cultivators in the state. The company uses sustainable farming practices and high-caliber seed-to-sale quality control to produce consistently first-rate flower. Dedicated to promoting health and well-being, their products are made with love. It’s clear that the care and attention the FlowerHouse team provides their plants are working - their Gas Face strain, reminiscent of classic Sour Diesel with some energizing CBG, took home the number one spot in flower sales across the state’s legal marketplace in 2023. With 2024 ushering in new possibilities for adult-use indoor cultivation, and the brand’s exceptional use of greenhouses already curated to a T, FlowerHouse is poised to dominate the market for a long time to come.

(C) Florist Farms
(C) Florist Farms

Florist Farms, @floristfarms

Florist Farms, based in Cortland, New York, promotes sustainability to the point that their team can say they are literally powered by the sun. Not only does the brand practice regenerative agriculture and produce sun-grown cannabis - and the farm has been USDA-certified to grow organic food for the community for over a decade - but they have also outfitted the property to run on total solar energy. This dedication to conservation extends to packaging, where they make sure to use eco-friendly materials. Founded by Karli Miller-Hornick and Allan Gandelman, Florist Farms emphasizes providing high-quality products for affordable prices. Always focused on giving back to others, they provide educational opportunities and job training programs to empower local residents. Their brands on retail shelves include Head and Heal (CBD and THC), Blotter (concentrates), and Tune (infused seltzers). As Florist Farms strives to connect with beginner and advanced cannabis consumers alike, they reinvest profits to efforts that help the community and economy. Fun fact: Theirs was the first flower sold at a licensed New York dispensary!

Hudson Cannabis owners Melany Dobson (left) and Freya Dobson (right) (C) Peter Crosby @pbcrosby
(C) Hudson Cannabis

Hudson Cannabis, @hudsoncannabis 

Hudson Cannabis, one of New York’s premier cultivator-processors, operates on the 500-acre Old Mud Creek Farm in the town of Hudson. Powered by women and organic-regenerative agriculture, Hudson Cannabis cultivates high-quality cannabis using practices that include crop rotation, agroforestry, and intense biodiversity systems. In collaboration with their co-located entity Hudson Carbon, they sequester 2000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year into the farms’ soils, forests and wetlands to become the first climate-positive cannabis operation in the world. Sisters Melany and Freya Dobson pioneered hemp cultivation as soon as New York allowed it, introducing their Hudson Hemp and Treaty brands in 2019. Now, as a leader in THC products as well, Hudson Cannabis can make use of the full plant. The company also actively supports initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the cannabis industry.

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