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Origins of the rock

Based on the title of this article, you may think you know what a moon rock is. Perhaps it is a stone that is found on Earth’s moon. In this case, you would be mistaken. In the world of cannabis, a moon rock is when a Sativa cannabis bud is dipped in hash oil and rolled in cannabis crystals known as kief. This THC powerhouse gained popularity after rapper Kurupt brought attention to the strain and started his own brand of moon rocks.

How are they made?

They are made by typically taking a gram of a variant of the Girl Scout Cookie strain of cannabis and dipping or spraying it in hash oil. Once coated in oil, the gram is then dipped in sticky kief crystals that surround the cannabis flowers.

Just like with any other strain of cannabis, the legality of moon rocks will depend on the state and country you live in. States, where cannabis is recreationally legal, will likely allow dispensaries to sell moon rocks. For example, Pure Oasis, a dispensary in Boston sells a gram of moon rocks for $64.99. They are based in Massachusetts where recreational cannabis is legal.

The smoking process

After smoking moon rocks, it is advised that you don’t have anything major occurring as a high can last for several hours with some people feeling high into the next day. The initial high starts around 30 minutes after smoking.

Tips for getting high

When smoking moon rocks, make sure to smoke them in a glass device such as a bong or a bowl. The greasy texture of moon rocks makes it hard to pack in joints or blunts and they can clog up metal and plastic smoking devices. To have an easier time lighting moon rocks, try cutting moon rocks into smaller pieces and mixing them with another type of flower to increase the odds of lighting and smoking. You could also play some cannabis-related games to make the time more pleasurable.

What are the effects of moon rocks?

Some of the effects of smoking moon rocks include intense coughing, dry eyes, increased hunger, dizziness, and sleepiness. Do not smoke moon rocks if you have a medical condition that prevents you from having other cannabis products. More severe side effects from moon rocks include anxiety, paranoia, and increased heart rate.

Are moonrocks safe for medical use?

Given how the THC dosage of typical moon rocks is over 50%, they are great for medical patients who require a high THC dosage. As of this writing, there are no risks for medical patients smoking moon rocks that are greater than for non-medical patients.

Pros and cons of smoking moon rocks

Source: Cannabis Wiki

Downsides of moon rocks

Like with any strain of cannabis, moon rocks have their faults. When it comes to storing them, you cannot leave them out in the heat or the sun, otherwise, it will create a mess since the flower is covered in oil. Planning a smoke session can be difficult given the length and strength of the high and it is not a strain that is advised for beginner smokers to ingest. The setup process is also difficult given how only glass devices are recommended for smoking and grinder are not advised.

Upsides of moon rocks

The defining upside of smoking moon rocks is that the high is incredibly strong and that moon rocks are a great way to spice up a smoke session. Since they are so potent, smokers can ration moon rocks better than other strains of cannabis.

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

One of the first steps into making a moon rock is to get at least a gram of a Girl Scout Cookie nugget and to place it on a non-stick service, preferably your rolling tray. Next, you’re gonna need some hash oil which you can purchase at a dispensary for $20-30 a gram wholesale. The price will vary depending on location and the amount you would want to purchase. Once you have finished dipping your nugget into the oil, you will then need to roll your nugget in kief. You can find kief at either the bottom of your grinder or you can purchase it from a dispensary. Prices for kief have been found to go between $30-45 for a gram. After rolling your nugget in kief, let the nugget dry off to let the oil and kief settle into the bud. Once you are ready to smoke, get a small knife and chop up the nugget into small pieces for your glass bowl. Once ready, light the moon rocks on top of any flower of your choice and get ready to smoke.

Can moon rocks be made into edibles?

Not only can they be made into edibles, but there are also recipes like this one that show you how to make moon rock brownies. When making moon rock edibles, be aware that making any edible that has moon rocks in it will contain a lot of THC so it is strongly recommended to only have a moon rock edible if you have a high THC tolerance level.