Have you ever played weed smoking games?

Weed games are a way to enjoy the pleasures of smoking while playing an exciting game with your stoner pals. Some people find it entertaining and fun, but others may not feel comfortable playing because they're novice smokers. All in all, weed smoking games are here to stay with stoners creatively, making up new ways to share their favorite plant and have a great time!

This article will discuss some of the most popular weed games and the perfect game for any situation!

10 Best Weed Games Overall

Ash Bomber

To play this game, you'll have to gather these supplies:

  • A joint.
  • A rubber band.
  • A penny.
  • A cup.
  • A sheet of toilet paper or rolling paper.

First, place the paper over the cup's opening and use the rubber band to secure it around the rim. Place the penny in the center of the paper and light up the joint. Each player must take 1-2 tokes, hold in the smoke, burn a hole in the paper, pass the joint, and exhale.

You'll have to burn a hole each time you smoke, and the person who causes the penny to fall loses. At this point, the loser will have to perform a task as punishment. Try forcing them to sing your favorite pop song for a hilarious end of the round for all your baked guests!


You'll probably need a little context to get the gist of this weed game. Medusa is a monster from Greek mythology known for having snakes instead of hair. If you looked directly at her, you would turn into stone. To play Medusa, sit in a circle with your friends and ensure each player has a spliff ready. Everyone must put their head down, and on the count of three, all group members look up and stare at another player. If you end up making eye contact with someone looking at you, shout 'Medusa' and take a hit.

Never Have I Ever

This is an old-school classic and will most likely require a decent amount of cannabis. Choose someone from the group to go first. That person says 'Never have I ever' followed by an action or activity. For example, they may say, 'Never have I ever skipped someone when passing the weed.' Every group member who has skipped someone in a smoke session has to take a pull. The following person in the group says, 'Never have I ever…', and the game continues until there is no more weed.

Strip Choker

Strip Toker (also known as Strip Choker) is best saved for people you're comfortable with! This daring classic game with a twist is sure to spice up any party. That being said, it's best to make sure none of the participants will be uncomfortable before you begin. Once that's out of the way, the basic idea is to pass around a bong or a dab rig. Each person who chokes has to remove one item of clothing!


Each player will need to have their own. Stoners and non-smokers alike are familiar with the music of Bob Marley! Put on his legendary song Jammin' and take a hit every time he says 'Jam' or 'Jammin'. Fair warning if you haven't heard the song before; he says those words a lot. Before the game, decide amongst the group if backup singers also count. There are several 'jams' in a couple of seconds at one point. If you're a new stoner, take heed, you'll probably be smacked by the end of the game!

Traffic Light

The next couple of games have a similar premise! This version is an excellent two-player game. Player #1 takes a pull and then passes the joint to player #2, who also has to smoke. Each player takes an extra hit in every round, so by the third passing of the joint, you have to take three tokes, and so on. You also have to hold the smoke in until it is your turn to smoke.


This game is just like Traffic Lights, but it is a better version for several players. Before you begin, set a rule on the number of hits each player has to take per turn. For experienced stoners, it is best to take two unless there are beginners, in which case one hit should be enough.

Everyone must sit together in a circle, and player #1 takes a hit before passing to player #2. The joint continues to get passed around the group, and everyone has to hold in their smoke until it is their turn again. If you exhale or cough, you miss out on the next round.

Ghost That Hit

Another game in the lane of Traffic Lights or Taxi! This is an excellent game for players with iron lung capacities. Like Taxi, this game is best played in a large group, and all participants should gather around in a circle. Like the last two games, everyone must hold their smoke until it is their turn. The main difference with this game is that you keep going until only one player is left!

The Hour of Power

Are you into drinking games, but you're living that Cali sober life? This is a variation of a drinking game where everyone takes a shot of alcohol every minute for a full hour. You can set a timer for the weed version and take a hit every 60 seconds for 60 minutes. Of course, you'll need to make sure you have lots of cannabis, so this might be a perfect game for a BYOW party. Another version of the game would be creating a playlist and taking a hit each time a new song comes on.

Seven Tokes to Infinity

Baby lung smokers beware: this one is for the seasoned stoners! First of all, use a bong with a large enough bowl for you to take several hits. After your first hit from the bong, you can't take another breath except to take more hits from the bong for a total of seven consecutive hits. Hold each hit in for two seconds at a minimum. The winner is the player who achieves a smooth seven bong rips without choking.

420 Party Games for Every Situation

Best Weed Game to play if you're a big ass kid at heart

Stoned Musical Chairs

Looking for a way to satisfy your thirst for nostalgia and your desire to get baked simultaneously? Relive your childhood dreams with everyone's favorite childhood game: musical chairs! The rules are the same as you remember, except this time, you're combining it with weed! Make sure you establish the rules ahead of time: whoever does find a chair takes a hit, and whoever doesn't find one has to skip the rotation!

Best Weed Game to play if you are a first-time smoker

Straight Face

If you're smoking for the first time, chances are you won't have the capacity for a super complicated game! This one is pretty easy at first, but your more experienced stoner friends know it's nearly impossible not to laugh once you start to get high. Before you start playing, establish a penalty for smiling. Start smoking as usual and once the group is relatively stoned, shout out 'Straight-Faced Stoner' to begin the game. Whenever someone smiles, they have to pay the penalty!

Best Weed Game to play with your parents

Band Names

Some of us are lucky enough to have the kind of parents who like to spark one every once in a while. This game is a fun game that could work for many generations. The first player has to name a musician or group. Then, the next player has to name a musician or group whose name starts with the last letter of the previous name. For example, if player #1 says 'The Beatles,' player #2 could say 'Sade,' player #3 could say 'Evanessance,' and so on. Once a player is unable to say a name, they have to take a pull. You can play this game with all types of categories!

Best Weed Game to play if you're passionate about Cannabis Legalization

Wasted Places

Are you that one friend who knows all the legal cannabis states by heart? This group weed game has a similar premise to the Band Name Game, except it uses continents, countries, states, counties, and cities. For this game, you'll each name a place where cannabis is legal in some capacity. Once one person names a region, state, or country, the next person has to name a place where cannabis is legal that begins with the last letter of the previous person's choice. The first person to get stumped or stumble over an answer takes a toke.

Best Weed Game to play while you Netflix and Chill

Mentioning Marijuana

This game is trendy and can be played in a group, 1-on-1, or even solo! For this game, you have to watch a movie or TV show and take a hit each time someone in the show mentions marijuana in any way. Hint: the game's a lot more fun if you start the night by choosing a classic stoner movie or a documentary about cannabis. If you're planning on watching some other kind of movie, you can just change the rules for what has to happen before you get to take a hit. For example, if you're watching The Office, take a hit every time Jim looks in the camera!

Best Weed Game to play on your first date-Smoking games for Two

Stone, Paper, Scissors

So, it's just you and your stoner bae at home, and you're looking to mix it up? Try this classic game with a twist by adding weed! This kind of game works best in 1-on-1 situations, but you can certainly play with large groups if you wish. Use your hands to display rock, paper, or scissors, and the winner gets a smoke.

Best Weed Game to play at a house party

Bong Pong

What to do at a house party full of stoners, tired old beer pong? Refresh this stale classic house party game by adding some cannabis. The first part of the game will be identical to beer pong: cups, a ping pong ball, a table, and liquid. Swap the alcohol for water and the loser's drink for a hit.

Best Weed Game to play if you're a Full-Fledged Stoner

Last Man Standing (or The Smokeout)

The name of this game alone should let you know this is not a good choice for newbies. The goal is to get completely baked to the point where people are forced to quit smoking or tap out A simple way to play is to use a bong, and everyone takes turns to have a hit. Keep going until only one person is willing to take more marijuana. This game works best in larger groups.

Best Weed Game to play when you're shooting hoops


This outdoors-friendly game is based on the classic game 'Horse.' It is a basketball game, and each player will have to take a shot from the same place. If you fail to match your opponent's success, you spell out a letter of the word 'Blunts.' As you can guess, you lose when you are the first to miss six shots. At that point, you have to decide whether you want the winner to get a smoke or the loser.

Best Weed Game to play if you're into reality show competitions

Marijuana MacGyver

Are you an 80's baby who remembers watching the entertaining 80s show MacGyver? Then you will probably love this weed game. To play this weed game, you use anything you can get your hands on in the house to make some type of smoking apparatus like a joint or a homemade bong. This is for all you old-school stoners who know their way around an apple! Once every player has created their device, the group votes on the best, and everyone gets to take a hit from the winning piece.

Best Weed Game to play if you miss casino card games


Some of the best weed games out there involve using a deck of cards, and Greenjack is one of the top choices. If you are familiar with Blackjack (or '21'), then this should be an easy game to play. You are free to set the rules for yourself, but whoever gets closest to 21 takes a hit in most cases. It might also be a good idea to add 'penalties' for going bust (scoring over 21), like being skipped in the next rotation!

Best Weed Game to play you're rollin' solo

Spliff Solitaire

When it comes to playing games, most are better played in groups. But what if you're rolling solo? Play spliff solitaire! Just like the regular card game, but of course with weed! First, grab yourself something to smoke! Then deal yourself the cards to play a game of solitaire! If you win, play again. If you lose—which will happen more often than not—take a couple of pulls and try again!