Miss Flow, whose name and other identifying information have been changed to protect their privacy, is a researcher who has interviewed over 800 people who have microdosed LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. They conduct in-depth interviews and surveys to understand individuals' pre-, post-, and microdosing thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

They have been interested in how psychedelics affect the mind, spirit, and consciousness of individuals for many years and have dedicated themselves to studying the experiences of those who have used these substances. They believe that psychedelics can open new doors to understanding and insight, and that by studying their users' experiences, we can learn about consciousness, perception, and reality.

Despite the challenges and risks involved in their work, they are committed to continuing their studies and sharing their findings with others who are interested.

Microdosing Explained: Psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD, And Psychedelics Basics

I would define microdosing as taking a small amount of psychedelics on a semi-regular schedule. Of course, there is variance with each individual's tolerance, but in most cases, for psilocybin, a microdose is between 0.1 – 0.5 grams. With LSD, anything less than 20μg is considered a microdose.

What are the everyday benefits for most people you see coming from Microdosing?

The range of responses that I've received regarding benefits varies so much. From parents who report having more patience and more childlike interactions with their children to those who report having better communication with their partners, friends, and colleagues, to creatives who say their senses are enhanced for their art, to those who report diminished cravings for tobacco, drugs, alcohol, meat, sugar, etc., to others who report advanced progress with their healing therapies for trauma, or those who say it's been a lifesaver as a companion for coming of decades use of pharmaceuticals. However, I would say that the most common benefit of microdosing psychedelics is self-awareness. Awareness of oneself is the foundation for development in any area of life, and psychedelics always seem to meet people where they are at.

At what point during a trip do you change gears to oh shit, this is a little bit more than micro?

Microdosing should not be disruptive to your daily life. You should be able to function like any other day. Normal day activities like driving, working, talking, and exercising should not be affected. Some folks report feeling something physical and sensorial, while others feel something more emotional or spiritual.

If you are new to microdosing, I have a few guidelines to share.

  • Take your first dose on the weekend with food.
  • Caffeine, citric acids, and vitamin Bs are known to be amplifiers, so the effects will come on stronger and faster, but the duration will be shorter.
  • If you take any of those items as part of your morning routine, try taking your microdose with lunch.

What's your take on the difference between LSD and psilocybin? I've heard them described as masculine and feminine energy.

I would summarize that psilocybin leans toward yin energy. Most people report that psilocybin is helpful for going inward to process, learn, release, and ground. You're connecting with yourself, your intuition, your true self.

Everyone I've interviewed has noted that LSD energy is stimulating external energy. Its interactions gear more towards outward energy connecting with people, the environment, the ether, the 5D, and the universe. I agree that there is a clear difference between the two.

What microdosing schedule could you suggest to someone who is looking to try it?

I've learned that there are no actual rules for microdosing. So instead, I have some guidelines I'd like to share.

A Beginner's Protocol

I believe Dr. James Fadiman's protocol is a great one for beginners. It's one day on, two days off for 30 days. So if you take your first dose on Monday, your next dose would be Thursday.

Think of it like a 30-day research project for yourself. The protocol is excellent because it helps you understand how the product can be a tool to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Day One, it's in your system, Day Two, there are remnants in your system; and Day Three, you are back to baseline with nothing in your system. So you're riding this wave for a month and getting to an understanding of how it affects you physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. Also, every dose day is going to be in a different type of environment. For example, one dose day may be on the weekend with friends and family, and another dose day may be a work day with colleagues and clients. So by the end of the 30-day cycle, you should have a very good idea about when this would benefit you and when it's not a good fit.

Once familiar with the effects, I think it's perfectly reasonable to experiment with different protocols/schedules to learn what works best for each individual.

Keep track of your experience.

I would highly suggest keeping a journal about your experience. Take note of how you feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Also, note your interactions with others, your environment, and situations where you notice a shift in your standard patterns. If you're not a writer, use voice notes on your phone. It's always helpful to review and reflect after your 30-day journey.

Know the Source

If you're looking for products, coaches, or facilitators, always ask questions. Ask what kinds of stains and other ingredients are used, how the products are grown, and how long they have been in business. A reliable source will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you're happy with the answers, proceed. If something doesn't feel right, keep searching. Always listen to your intuition. You are your best teacher and guide.

Is there any difference between the effects of Microdosing a couple of times to Microdosing regularly on the schedule, perhaps over months or longer?

I think it depends on each individual's needs and intentions. Based on interviews, I've had people report doing one 30-day microdosing cycle and experiencing something satisfactory, and then they are done. Alternatively, I've had others who will continue for additional ones. Taking a break every three months is crucial because setting aside time for integration is essential for moving forward.

What's your perfect Microdosing day?

I think of psychedelics as tools to enhance spirit and performance, so I use them situationally. For example, when I need physical energy, for instance, moving homes, taking the dogs for long hikes, going out when I'm tired, focusing during a dedicated day to emails and spreadsheets, or when I'm public speaking, I microdose LSD.

I've also experimented with, learned from, and formed relationships with different mushroom strains, so I reach for them in different scenarios. For example, if I'm experiencing something stressful, I take a Golden Teacher microdose every day until the situation is resolved. I find the Golden Teacher tunes out my lizard brain thoughts and feelings. When I am in build mode, where I have to make decisions quickly and confidently, I take the Avery's Albino. When I find myself ruminating and looping in my head, I will take a Full Moom or Albino A+ to move the overactive energy out of my head into my body.

So while I don't have a perfect microdosing day, microdosing psychedelics can help make some days more perfect.

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