Rapper Marty Grimes just released Eyes Open, his first album in two years, and he celebrated in true Marty fashion: with The Marty Missile. This ginormous joint (which holds an entire pound of weed) has solidified Marty’s presence in the cannabis industry, a sure guarantee to steal the show at any function. Just like it did this July at Pot Girl Summer!

Listen to Marty Grimes's new album EYES OPEN:

Marty Grimes's New Album Eyes Open Launched At Upscale LA

The Bay Area native first came up as a rapper before finding his footing in the cannabis space — and now, he’s able to combine both worlds. On Saturday, September 23rd, Marty Grimes launched Eyes Open by hosting a truly lit sesh at Upscale LA.

Located in the Arts District near downtown Los Angeles, Upscale LA brings together some of the best brands in the industry, whether it’s flower, concentrates, edibles, you name it. In fact, Marty Grimes was at his own Marty Missile booth when he decided to walk the floor and collect flower from all the vendors to fill up his secret weapon for the evening: The Marty Missile with a third eye on it designed by artist MJ Mazzei.

What Does The Third Eye Mean To Marty Grimes And Eyes Open?

The third eye provided the theme for the evening, coinciding directly with his project title.

Marty explained, “Eyes Open to me means I finally see. I finally see what my purpose is, why I'm here, what I’m meant to do. I see now. A lot of people walk around with their eyes open, but they don't really see. It's my transition into knowing my journey and real path.”

The pivotal moment arrived when Marty found himself in a dark place, particularly amid a difficult custody battle over his infant son, and was able to pull himself out.

“Tonight is dope, because I've been waiting to put out music for so long,” he stated. “It’s a release. I finally feel like putting this out is going to help me go to the next step and continue to put out more music, because I got so much in the vault. Everything going on with my son and that taking a toll has veered me away from putting it out, but I finally figured out how to manage and continue. So tonight is going to be dope, because everything on that tape is so fire.”

The third eye topper for The Marty Missile, created by MJ Mazzei (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

Which Notable Cannabis Brands Were Celebrating Marty Grimes And Eyes Open?

One common thread between Marty and the rest of the attendees definitely lay in the power of the cannabis flower. And for Marty, it’s not even the flower. Marty currently only sells paper and glass to smoke shops and dispensaries, but he does plan to collab with the fire cannabis brands who were present at the release party, which included Fiore, Deep East, and Emperor’s Choice.

Other notable brands include Gotti and Stash House, the latter of whom was at the last sesh at Upscale. Starting at 4:20pm and going until 10pm, this was the perfect way to spend your Saturday night: good food, good cannabis, good music, good vibes, and of course, The Marty Missile.

Marty’s friend and co-host of their podcast, virally innovative producer Chuckie Fuego, stated, "I'm most excited to light this third eye, so that my third eye can be opened up. It’s going to be amazing.”

In addition, Marty had also rolled a quarter pound with 15 grams of wax in it.

Marty Missile merch at Upscale LA (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

Fuego is featured on the introductory track of Eyes Open, which showcases a hefty lineup of West Coast talent. Cheekychizzy, Marie Monti, Doc Dolla, Tray Haggerty, Dave Steezy, Tree Thomas, $teven Cannon, Kente P, The Dakota Wytefoxx, C5, and Randy Mcphly are spotlighted artists. Meanwhile behind the beats, the acclaimed production team includes the trio BeatGang Worldwide (Kevin “KDE Beats” Beggs, Tom Solo and JustBeatz), Young Money producer GrindKidBeats, Myles Bell, Cleezus, Polvo Beats, Craig Shmurda, and Jose Vasquez.

At the end of the night, Marty left us with these words of wisdom: “Open your eyes. Visualize where you are, be that person and don’t let nobody tell you otherwise. Don’t switch up for nobody. You be that person every day, you are you. That's how you win. It's easy to be yourself, it don't take no work.”

EYES OPEN is now available wherever you find music. Stream in now on Spotify. For more about Marty Grimes, visit martygrimes.com. To learn more about The Marty Missile, visit themartymissile.com.


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