It’s official, the Gotti cannabis brand has arrived in California!

On Sunday, August 6th, Gotti teamed up with the dispensary GOAT Global to ceremoniously welcome the brand from New York to Los Angeles. Taking place at their Westwood location at 2299 Westwood Blvd., GOAT Global is breaking down boundaries when it comes to owning a shop, extending their reach to a huge event space upstairs, as well as a coffee shop arriving in the next few months.

What Happened At GOAT Global's Gotti Welcome Party?

The event took place from 7pm to 10pm, celebrating a surprise exclusive drop from Gotti. Customers who purchased Gotti downstairs were granted entry upstairs to the lounge, and even welcomed with a goodie bag to take home. Bringing to life the true essence of Gotti, attendees were welcomed with gourmet coffee and delicious Italian food provided by Chef J.

What Is The Gotti Cannabis Brand?

Created by descendants of the legendary mob leader John Gotti, the Gotti cannabis brand launched privately in fall 2022 and has quickly become an industry sensation. Releases of merch, exclusive taste testing events and strain launches have made Gotti a true representative of historic New York vibes.

GOAT Global Westwood (C) GOAT Global

Why Is GOAT Global A Cannabis Retail Success Story In Los Angeles?

Speaking on the retail shop, partner Dani Shaker states, “GOAT Global is a curated retail, consumption and entertainment platform. We try to bring the best of what the industry has to offer together for the culture to enjoy and be able to expose new people to what we do. We are blessed to have relationships with most of the legacy and designer players in the game.”

GOAT Global has three retail locations, two in Los Angeles and one in Humboldt. But the real selling point is the fact that GOAT Global is extremely particular in who they partner with, or place on their menu.

Shaker continues, “We're one of the only licensed dispensaries in the entire state who has the menu of curation we do. We do exclusive drops with designer brands in our event space to create a platform in the recreational market to expose these brands to our customer base.”

Premium Gotti strains represented at GOAT Global, including the signature Blue Sapphire and The Zattie (Zkittlez), plus the GOAT Global-exclusive OG (C) GOAT Global
A customer enjoys the scent of new Gotti drops at GOAT Global (C) GOAT Global

The Gotti-GOAT Global Partnership: Premium Weed And Retail Experiences

Gino from Gotti says, “We got the best weed, because we take our time. Just passionate about it, we take it really really seriously. Everybody on the team curates, from the growers to the trimmers to distributors. Everybody’s on the same page, the same vision. I’m grateful to be in an opportunity like this, to be able to host a good party and have a lot of people show up. It takes a lot of time and effort and energy into the security and venue, super stoked to be here and looking forward to doing more events in the future.”

Shaker explains, “Because of our curation process, we have become the retail platform that brands seek to get on as our customers trust us to deliver quality branded experiences.”

Anyone who consumes can confide in the brand’s ethos of creating connoisseur experiences for their consumers and the cannabis community as a place to come together and enjoy products from some of the best curators and growers in the industry.

For more about Gotti, follow @gotti1042 on Instagram. To learn more about GOAT Global, visit


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