Glass House Brands has solidified themselves as a staple within the cannabis industry, and now, they’ve launching their own event series called Smoking Weed Together Is A Love Language

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Jon B. And Glass House Brands Present Smoking Weed Together Is A Love Language

On Thursday, February 22nd at Revel Lounge in the heart of Hollywood, California, Glass House Brands teamed up with Jon B. to deliver a highly-anticipated event that featured not only an intimate performance from the legendary R&B singer, but a Q&A to discuss his three-decade long career in the music industry. 

The Grammy-nominated recording artist is best known for hit singles “They Don’t Know,” “Are U Still Down?”,” “I Do,” and so much more. And after 10 years of not releasing new music, Jon B. is overjoyed to be dropping his next album titled Waiting on You. Serving as his ninth studio album, the project hails standout features from Tank, Donnell Jones, Alex Isley, and even Rick Ross.

The event took over Revel Lounge, and the vibes were unmatched. The fact that you could enjoy live music and consume freely is still something we’ll never stop appreciating. In fact, Jon B. himself is a big smoker, and also commented how much he enjoyed this camaraderie — while being able to get high at the same time.

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What Made The Jon B. x Glass House Brands Event Special?

Everything to do with the festivities had been conceived and coordinated by Glass House’s strategic thinkers, Marcus “Noonie” Malone, Senior Manager of Culture and Lifestyle Marketing, and Josh Karchmer, Vice President of Marketing. They worked in partnership with Spencer Galbreath, founder of the marketing and advertising company Dreamers, Risk-Takers and Innovators (DRI, Inc.) to create an evening that would be totally unforgettable.

Glass House's family of brands on display included Glass House Farms, PLUS, Allswell, Reeform, and Mama Sue. Attendees were greeted by host and content creator Jovy E. Notable names included husband-and-wife team Samski and Kersti Annie, founders of Ay Papi; Jeff Ivory, founder of GamerXSociety; artist Bayroo Moore; and Jamaal Thomas of Dezine Yurself.

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For the VIP guests, Glass House Brands offered goody bags with an adorable hoodie that read “smoking weed is a love language” on the back. It also included an eighth of some of their finest flower.

The whole point of the evening was to celebrate Jon B. and give him his flowers (literally). The Q&A kicked off with a special gift bag for Jon B. from Glass House, before diving into questions such as features on his new project, being the last person to perform with Tupac, and even having an album with DJ Quik. The artist also performed material off of his upcoming album, Waiting On You, set to drop later this season (the title track, featuring Tank, is out now).

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Jon B. Likes Dabs: The Musical Artist Talks Cannabis Consumption And Glass House Brands

Honeysuckle had the pleasure of asking Jon B. about his consumption, revealing he’s actually a dabber above all else.

SHIRLEY JU: Are you a smoker?

JON B.: Yeah, all day. 

Does that ever mess with your vocals?

It can, I’m not gonna lie. But I've been doing that for so long, it's part of the regimen and the vibration that I’ve always been on. It goes with the territory. 

What do you like about Glass House Brands?

I like that Glass House is putting on events like this, getting people out. The smoking culture, it’s not so much about having a drink. Although I had one of those already. I’m guilty. I did, I needed to loosen up. I wasn’t used to all these people smoking and having a good time. This is so beautiful, we could all smoke.

Do you smoke before you perform?

Oh yeah. I was just burning on the side right now.

What’s your favorite way to consume?

Well I’m a dab guy actually. Wax and all that stuff. I take time with my… [Motions hands]

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