Cannabis and basketball in one event? Sign us up please! 

The intersection of cannabis and sports is something that isn’t necessarily talked about, but let’s face it. Everything is better when you’re high. 

On Wednesday, October 11th, Glass House hosted an intimate evening of Cannabis & Basketball at SRGN Studios, founded by footwear designer Dominic "The Shoe Surgeon" Ciambrone, in downtown Los Angeles. The invite-only extravaganza featuring live basketball, delicious food, music, drinks, and undeniable vibes throughout the entire evening.

(C) Glass House Brands

Glass House Brands: From Cannabis To Basketball

For those who aren't familiar, Glass House Brands Inc. sets themselves apart by being one of the fastest-growing vertically integrated cannabis companies in the country, putting an emphasis on the California market and building long-lasting brands to serve the needs of every type of consumer. They host a wide portfolio of brands, including Glass House Farms, PLUS, Allswell, Forbidden Flowers, FIELD and Mama Sue Wellness.

But while they may be a leader in the cannabis space, they’re also dominating on the basketball court. Glass House has their own basketball team in this men’s league that takes place every Wednesday, and it was this night where they’d be going up against the Surgeon team.

Josh Karchmer, Vice President of Marketing at Glass House, states, “Listen, it's been a thrill being a part of the Surgeon league this season. Amazing basketball, amazing players. Cannabis and basketball culture go hand in hand. You talk to players, they use cannabis. That's how they deal with pain. That's how they get through things. It's awesome that we get to be a part of that.”

(C) Glass House Brands

Elite Athletes At Glass House Versus Surgeon Basketball Game

And let’s not dismiss the fact that the Glass House team is composed of the most elite players. Not only did NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens play for them in week one, but the team captain Franklin "Frank Nitty" Session led the squad to winning the entire Drew League. At 7:45pm, Glass House and Surgeon went toe to toe… and of course, Glass House won by roughly 15 points.

Glass House Farms' display at The League (C) Glass House Brands
(C) Glass House Brands

What Are Glass House Basketball Players Smoking?

Tying it all in: When most of the players initially arrive, the first thing they do is roll a blunt, smoke, and then go play. Thankfully on this night, there was a joint rolling station with @savagelycreated rolling up only the best flower provided by Glass House Farms. If you were in the mood for dabs, there was a FIELD dab bar (FIELD being their concentrates company).

If you’re a fan of edibles, PLUS Products hosted their own Find Your Just Right table that showcased their wide variety of vegan edibles — depending on the individual’s needs. Are you looking for something for sleep or for recovery? Or maybe just to have a good time? PLUS has a different product line for everything and anything you can think of, from sleep gummies to hash gummies to functional gummies with a low dose of THC.

All in all, everyone was enjoying themselves, whether they were watching the game or getting high, or both. For those who were smoking, they were able to get their photos taken by @thepuffportraits, who captures stoners in their prime. 

The event was definitely a Glass House takeover, and it was one for the books!

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FIELD at The League (C) Glass House Brands
PLUS at The League (C) Glass House Brands


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