Cannabis consumption lounges are finally returning... and we couldn’t be happier!

On a beautiful Sunday evening in Los Angeles, Weedmaps partnered with Original Cannabis Cafe (or OG Cannabis Cafe) to throw an epic Kushmas event, described as “An Elevated Holiday Event.” The OG Cannabis Cafe is formerly known as Lowell Cafe, reopening its doors for the first time in three years. 

Weedmaps Kushmas at Original Cannabis Cafe in Los Angeles (C) Matt Pearson / Weedmaps

Weedmaps' Kushmas Celebrates Reopening Of Original Cannabis Cafe

The space has long been deemed a favorite by the cannabis community, which is every reason why this partnership made perfect sense. The second Weedmaps found out about its reopening, they knew this was the venue they’d want to host their first ever Christmas event. Of course, Weedmaps also carries one of the strongest brand names in the cannabis community, serving as the premier, go-to destination to find all things cannabis. 

The invite-only event drew in individuals from all walks of life, allowing them to hang out, socialize, network, mingle, and enjoy fire weed. Pre-rolls were provided on a platter, including two of OG Cannabis Cafe’s house brands: Dizzies and Helena Farms. There were also Stundenglass gravity bongs on the tables for everyone to enjoy.

Brittany Carr, West Coast Marketing Manager at Weedmaps, states, “We've been trying to do some more insider community events. This was the perfect opportunity within the space where we could serve food, serve good weed, as well as serve wine and beer next door. It’s really to get cannabis enthusiasts, cannabis users, and friends of the plant as well in the same place.”

What Experiences Did Weedmaps And Original Cannabis Cafe's Kushmas Offer? Canna Claus, Christmas Sweaters, And Food

The event was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Canna Claus, aka Samski of cannabis brand Ay Papi as Santa and wellness influencer Merrrica as Mrs. Santa. Together, they walked around with a sack of goodies for guests to reach in and pick an item of their choice. There were also amazing food options floating around, including Fried Mac and Cheese Balls with Tomato Soup and Ahi Tuna Tacos.

Of course, what’s a Kushmas party without a Christmas sweater contest?! Guests arrived in their dankest holiday attire, from hand-made sweaters to fun cannabis themed shirts. The winner received a super fun prize, with everyone fully appreciating the intersection of art, fashion, food, and cannabis.

What Is The Weedmaps Team Saying About Kushmas At Original Cannabis Cafe?

Mike Zahn, Senior Lifestyle and Events Manager at Weedmaps, states, “I'm excited to bring everyone together with the whole crew of Weedmaps, bringing food, cannabis and the whole culture of the community. Where you can consume freely, have fun and enjoy good conversation. The food's been exciting, all different types of flavors. The cafe itself brings a lot of energy and excitement in different areas to have a vibe to. The reason why this is good for the community is putting on events, allowing people to have some social gatherings. Coming back to the area wherever they feel comfortable to consume, eat food, have some good laughs.”

Next door was a beer garden as well, offering wine, beer, and sangria. All in all, Weedmaps always draws out an incredible group of people, giving back to the cannabis community by giving them an evening for the books.

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Featured image: Weedmaps Kushmas at Original Cannabis Cafe in Los Angeles (C) Matt Pearson / Weedmaps