At Honeysuckle, we value progress and curiosity as much as we do creativity and empathy. In fact, one would say you can’t have the latter without the former. And that’s where our love of science comes in – forays into explaining the unexplainable, to help us push closer to bringing the figments of our imagination into three-dimensional reality. For this year’s National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Day, we’re looking at some of our most beloved articles taking on the disciplines. From climate change to women leaders, space exploration to regenerative agriculture and food science, these favorites show us the world of tomorrow is today.

“Science Is the Answer to Climate Change”

Why does climate change denial still loom large when science provides so many alternative solutions for healing our planet? In this brilliant essay that illuminates emerging research in the realms of agriculture and nanotechnology, as well as the modern era’s irresponsible use of energy sources, author Peter Minkoff proves that we have the tools to combat climate change – we just may not be using them correctly. As he writes, “Scientists are now crucial to slowing down and battling the climate epidemic.” We have to start heeding the evidence on stemming all global hurts.

Science is the Answer to Climate Change

“John Roulac on the Power and Promise of Regenerative Agriculture”

One of the world’s leading environmentalists and superfood experts, John Roulac, speaks about the importance of regenerative agriculture, practices by which we can reform industrial farming and livestock cultivation to decrease the Earth’s carbon load. The Netflix hit documentary Kiss the Ground, produced by Roulac and directed by Oscar nominees Josh and Rebecca Tickell, explores the role that soil plays in regenerative agriculture. Roulac delves into the holistic nature of the regenerative movement, addresses truths and lies of “plant-based” consumerism, and gives real tips for sparking change across industries. It’s a piece too valuable to miss.

John Roulac on The Power and Promise of Regenerative Agriculture

“Female Scientists Leading the Way”

The cannabis industry has shown to be fertile ground for women in STEM, as new needs are cropping up everywhere for expertise in the plant’s medical uses, technological applications for product manufacturing and business at large, and myriad developments. Here we highlight a few outstanding women who know their stuff when it comes to healing with medical cannabis. These doctors, top minds in their fields, are investigating the science of ailment and the interactions between human and plant bodies in ways you’ve never imagined. (Also featured in our UNDER THE FEMALE INFLUENCE issue)

Female Scientists Leading the Way


“The Planetary Renaissance: Jess Phoenix on Congress and Connections”

Geologist Jess Phoenix became recognizable seemingly overnight in 2018 when she announced her intention to bring “Star Trek values” to Congress. In this exclusive profile, the former candidate (also known for hosting investigative programs on the Discovery Channel and founding the nonprofit Blueprint Earth, which makes science education accessible to students from underserved communities) speaks on her Planetary Renaissance theory. Phoenix reveals what excites her most about the scientific method, her ideas for the future of American technology and clean energy, and the connections we should all be making in our lives so that government can function for our society as originally envisioned. And learn about resources to support science educators running for public office! (Also featured in our ONE issue)

Volcanologist Jess Phoenix Talks Science, Politics and Star Trek Values

“First Hemp Seeds Make History in Space: A Honeysuckle Exclusive Inside the Space Tango Mission”

When SpaceX CRS17 launched from Cape Canaveral in 2019, it carried rare cargo: the first hemp seeds ever to travel to international orbit. Space Tango, a microgravity research and manufacturing company, partnered with hemp company Atalo Holdings and CBD retailer Anavii Market to create a series of experiments which would monitor the effects of microgravity on hemp. Read the transcript of Team Honeysuckle’s exclusive press conference with Space Tango and key players from the project, and discover what’s next for hemp on “the final frontier.”

First Hemp Seeds Make History in Space: A Honeysuckle Exclusive Inside the Space Tango Mission