Effective marketing and advertising play integral roles in expanding any business, specifically new companies looking to get their first customers. However, it can be particularly challenging for businesses in the cannabis industry to promote products and services due to the myriads of advertising restrictions and regulations. It’s almost impossible for some to achieve nationwide brand awareness that cuts across federal and state laws’ different limitations.


So how do cannabis businesses reach the right audience and attract the right consumers?


Despite the industry limitations imposed by states, entrepreneurs in the cannabis market can use many tactics to legally promote their businesses.


This article covers four of such tactics, but before covering them, here are some dos and don’t to keep in mind when creating a cannabis marketing strategy:

Some Do’s And Don’ts

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●     Avoid Marketing Your Cannabis Business Near or to Minors

Whether online or offline, you need to carefully choose where and how to market your business. Always remain mindful of age restrictions, especially on your website. For instance, you can use a Cannabis SEO service from another company to learn about the specific demographics to target with your promotional content.


Usually, cannabis businesses use popups on their websites to ensure visitors are of legal age. However, you can further strategize the positioning of your ads, billboards, or social media promotions. Thus, your marketing materials don’t appear or appeal to minors.


●     Abstain From Copyrights Infringements Irrespective of The industry

Whether small or big, companies can be very unforgiving of copyright infringements. New businesses are often tempted to mimic the brands or trademarks of more established companies in their marketing. You don’t have to look any further than Hershey’s case.


A couple of years ago, Hershey’s took legal action against a dispensary for infringing its trademark. This dispensary promoted and named its edibles as “Mr. Dankbar” and “Reefer’s Cups.” Always remember that mainstream brands have the financial and legal resources to prosecute smaller and newer cannabis businesses.


●     Carefully Consider What You Want Your Cannabis Brand To Be Known For

As far as marketing goes, you want to separate your brand from the competition. However, it’s necessary to do so in a positive light. Therefore, you’ll have to find a way to reduce, if not squash, the stigma that many people still associate with marijuana and businesses in the industry. Using the best business practices and acceptable labor practices can contribute to a positive brand image.

4 Tips to Help Promote Your Cannabis Company

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1.   Use Cannabis Magazines to Promote Your Business

Magazines operating in the cannabis industry have access to large audiences. Ad placements in such magazines can help you reach specific consumers looking for your products. Only one caveat though, several other competitors will also advertise in the same magazines.


This is where your marketing message and advertisement design will help separate your business from the competition. Therefore, you want to carefully craft a unique ad that stands out, grabs reader attention, and promote your business to the right audience. Ideally, you need to be as specific as possible, leaving no room for error.


2.   Capitalize on Social Media

Regardless of your target audience’s age, gender, occupation, or nationality, chances are they hang out on social media. Almost everyone in the developed world spends some time chatting or browsing social media. For platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can find conversations about virtually any subject, including the cannabis industry.


Therefore, it’s one of the best places to attract your prospects, interact with customers, and build a following for your brand. A strategic social media strategy can do wonders for your cannabis industry, especially if you can use your campaigns’ right platform.


3.   Create Content Hubs

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High-quality products, social media updates, and regular blog posts are all valuable. However, your content should go a step further to deliver value that audiences cannot get elsewhere. As promising as that may sound. It is quite challenging for most businesses.


According to Zazzle Media’s findings, 60% of businesses struggle to create high-quality, relevant, and consistent content. The figure goes even higher for engaging content at 65%. Your content should be part of the experience that brings your prospects in for business and convert them to loyal customers. Aim to become the go-to source for information and content in your niche.


4.   Partner With Complementary Brands

Business partnerships can be mutually beneficial for all parties, depending on what everyone brings to the table. Choosing a complementary cannabis brand for a partnership can help promote your business and elevate your brand’s presence. Since you both operate in the same industry, your partner would know the challenges posed by strict marketing rules.


Thus, they can offer valuable advice, and should they have a large audience, your business can get a lot of brand awareness and customers from the partnership. One good example of such a partnership in the cannabis industry that mutually benefited both companies occurred between Greenlane Holdings, a dispensary distributor, and Canopy Growth, a cannabis product manufacturer.



Choosing profitable marketing channels can be challenging for cannabis businesses. However, several other industries such as gambling, medical, adult entertainment, and finance also battle with their fair share of restrictions. As you know, many companies have thrived in these industries for years. Likewise, cannabis businesses can make the most of the tools and channels at their disposal to grow and expand for long-term success.


Featured image: Photo (C) Bloom: https://bloom.express/