1166 + Honeysuckle from Honeysuckle Magazine on Vimeo.

As you may know, we at Honeysuckle have been fans of ElevenSixtySix for some time. You’ve seen work from them in past issues, at our events, and on this very site. In our latest CANNABIS edition, the collective’s founder BLKZEN and musician Steve Narvaez (AKA iamtheroar) were featured in a cool spread shot by model, artist and musician Justin Bullock. Together BLKZEN and iamtheroar comprise the Kaiju Killer Klan, a group that mixes the genres of EDM, punk, rap and other styles to create unique and intense performance experiences.In this video from ElevenSixtySix, BLKZEN shows off his spread in the CANNABIS issue (where the Kaiju gave some excellent strain reviews). It’ll get you in a dancing mood – and stay tuned for future projects brought to you by Honeysuckle and the ElevenSixtySix team!–

For more about the Kaiju, check out our CANNABIS edition. Order copies here or find one near you with our Store Locator. Also follow them on Instagram: @jerrbul @iamthroar @elevensixtysix @blckzen @kaijukillerklan

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