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We’ve been rocking and rolling through our Spring calendar, in production on a new issue about sustainability that will show how we are essentially all connected, in ways that you might never have realized before. Adventures come fast and furiously on the road to discovery. Join us on the ride and check out the latest milestones.


This past weekend we traveled to the aptly-named Loveland, Colorado for the fifth annual NoCo Hemp Expo. A true haven for all things hemp, NoCo is the most comprehensive exhibition conference of its kind, with nearly 150 vendors and 7,000 attendees. We sat in on the Hemp Summit and Farm Symposium, learning from agricultural experts, plant scientists, and the biggest names in organic food about how hemp contributes to sustainability. Our eyes were opened by soil expert Ray Archuleta, a pioneer in the field of regenerative agriculture, who has helped revolutionize American farmers’ approach to biomimcry. (In layman’s terms – we all need to take our cues from nature!)Other fascinating insights: Arran Stephens of Nature’s Path Foods taught us that as long as there’s been chemicals in agriculture, there’s been an organic movement to resist it. We discovered Sunstrand, a company that makes sustainable construction materials such as hemp-fiber insulation or coreboard, an eco-friendly alternative to plywood. Other businesses are dealing in hemp plastics, hemp-based food products, and even jetpacks powered by hemp-based fuel. With Senator Mitch McConnell’s recent bill introducing the idea of federal hemp legalization, this year may well see one of the world’s most useful plants boom across the U.S.

What we learned most from NoCo is that Planet Earth has the best chance of survival if we start thinking holistically. Hemp is a small part of the bigger picture – Humans must work with the soil and the elements, instead of relying on chemicals, technology, or outer space for the path to environmental harmony. We are all in this together; we are one.


Team Honeysuckle is trailblazing on 4/20! Find us in Washington, DC on April 20th and 21st for the National Cannabis Festival and Policy Summit. This amazing festival brings education, activism, musical performances, and wellness together in one huge celebration of the magical plant. Our CANNABIS issue will be available in VIP gift bags, and you can stop by our booth for additional copies. Look on our social media for more info about where to find us in DC closer to the date!


We’re very proud to announce that Soleil Nathwani has joined us as a Consulting Editor. She is a Contributing Editor and Culture Columnist at Rolling Stone India, and has been a Senior Features Writer and Contributing Editor at L’Officiel India and MW India. Her celebrity profiles, opinion pieces and features on art, culture, politics, human rights, film and fashion have appeared in numerous publications globally. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @soleilnathwani.Soleil is already bringing her fantastic expertise to Honeysuckle in myriad ways. Check out her latest piece on the New Directors, New Films festival – and stay tuned for more from this talented lady. Welcome to the Honey life!


Media is abuzz with Honey love and spotlights on our CANNABIS issue! We were recently guests on the podcast InTheKnow420, hosted by noted attorney Joseph Bondy. During this episode Joe dove deep into our histories and helped uncover the mystery of what moves us. Streamed on Facebook Live, it’s a must-watch/must-listen. April 29th, revolutionary activist poet James Litkett hosts us on Now We Rise – A Quest for Self-Determination, his show for Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) TV. We were privileged to mark the one-year anniversary of James’s series with him and discuss important topics such as race, politics, cannabis, and family. This special episode will air on MNN4 – FIOS channel 38, RCN 85, Spectrum 67 & 1998 – and can be streamed live on at 2PM.


Thanks to everyone who joined us this week for our Readings & Edumacation event at Kelly’s NYC. Our new cannabis columnist, Kym B, emceed a terrific evening full of previews from the CANNABIS issue and CBD educational demonstrations. Audiences heard authorCatherine Hiller remember getting stoned with a folk-rock star and actor/writer/director Tank Burt reminisce about sex on high. Craig Zaffe of Your CBD Oils, Dr. Caroline Hartridge of Dr. Hartridge’s Healthcare Solutions, and Shira Adler, author of The ABCs of CBD, all testified to cannabinoid medical benefits. Mike from Spleef spoke about our favorite edible/drinkable company’s Speakeasy experiences, and the team from Stickyfingrs showed how their finger-slide grinders are user-friendly for patients across the board. Streamed live on Sirius XM by Dave Kowalsky of Cannabis Network Radio, the night was inspirational and truly unforgettable.


We’ve got great content coming in our next print issue on sustainability, called ONE. Read about Sophie Hollingsworth, founder of AquaAid International, who’s traveling the world to bring clean water initiatives to remote areas. (She’s also the youngest woman to ever obtain a 200-ton Yachtmaster Captain’s License.) Learn how Joy Beckerman, founder of Hemp Ace International, traverses the hemp and cannabis sectors – and her vast experience in green activism. Get sneak peeks into the spiritual diaries of photographer/filmmaker Jordan Taylor Wright. (You might recognize him as the director of the music video for The Chainsmokers’ number-one single “Closer,”and his work with Usher, Justin Bieber, and Ciara.) Award-winning filmmakers Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell take us inside their new documentary Kiss the Ground, executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.You’ll hear more from us on sustainability soon. Join the conversation and stay connected!

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