Celebrate the Festival of Lights in high style with New York’s choicest holiday bash ever! On Tuesday, December 12th, join the cannabis community for the High and Mighty Hanukkah Party at The House of Cannabis (THC NYC) museum in Soho. This joyful soiree combines the best of Jewish holiday traditions, cannabis culture, and the creativity of the world’s consumption capital in the heart of trendy Soho. The result? An event more lit than the menorah on the eighth night!

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Who's Hosting The High And Mighty Hanukkah Party?

Honeysuckle is proud to be a media partner for the High and Mighty Hanukkah Party. Hosted by the minds behind Jew Who Tokes, Tokin’ Jew, Marino PR, Plant Medicine Law Group, Betty Bloom, Eaton Botanicals, and Feuerstein Kulick LLP, the occasion will offer plenty of elevated fun and food. Get ready for dreidel spinning, good vibes, and a whole “latke” munchies. Other sponsors making the festivities possible include HPI Canna, Ayrloom, Union Square Travel Agency, AE Global, Florist Farms, Jenny’s, and Hunter + Esquire.

"Jews In Weed" Unity Calls: Origins Of The High And Mighty Hanukkah Party

Jordan Isenstadt, Senior Vice President at Marino PR, and Adriana Kertzer, founder of JewWhoTokes and co-founder of Plant Medicine Law Group, conceived the High and Mighty Hanukkah Party as a way to foster a greater sense of community among Jews in the cannabis space. Since Hamas’ October 7th attack on Israel and the ensuing global chaos and controversy, Isenstadt, Kertzer, and several of their colleagues have been hosting weekly “Jews in Weed” calls that bring together increasing numbers of participants for meditations, presentation, thought-provoking discussions, musical interludes, and other activities in empathic unity. At the 2023 MJBizCon in Las Vegas just recently, the group’s admins took the gathering from online to real life with the Bagel Bash, a brunch meetup hosted by attorney Mitch Kulick of Feuerstein Kulick that welcomed over 200 attendees. 

“It’s been very healing,” Isenstadt says of the “Jews in Weed” collective effort. “It really started just a few days after October 7th, when I was at a New Jersey Cannabis Insider event and ran into [several Jewish colleagues]. We looked at each other and started talking about Israel, like, ‘How are you doing with everything? This is so hard.’ It was organic, just six Jews standing around in a circle, and I thought, ‘This is nice. We need to be doing more of this.’ I was introduced to Adriana, and we had the idea of hosting a virtual call at 4:20 on Shabbat. We had the first one with 20 people, and the next week, 30; we just had 55 people on a recent call, and it keeps building momentum.”

What Can You Expect At The High And Mighty Hanukkah Party At THC NYC?

The High and Mighty Hanukkah Party, according to Isenstadt, will add another dimension to that momentum. As the cannabis movement has always been shaped by social culture, there really is nothing more social than an event dedicated to food, lights, and games capped off by a significant spinning device. And there’s no place better for such a swinging occasion than THC NYC, which is home to four stories of immersive activations around the science and sensory experiences of the cannabis plant. After all, one of the pillars of Jewish tradition is education. 

So if you’re ready to pair some miracle herb with the miracle of the oil (and maybe a jelly doughnut or a handful of chocolate gelt), come on downtown to make Tuesday… a Jews-day. All faiths are welcome to celebrate this inaugural High and Mighty Hanukkah!

The High and Mighty Hanukkah Party takes place on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 6:30-9:30PM at THC NYC, 427 Broadway in New York City. Get your tickets now by clicking here. For more information, follow @jewwhotokes on Instagram.

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