Cannabis lifestyle brand Her Highness puts women first; their wide range of products aims to enhance the daily lives of their consumers, from CBD footpads for high heels-wearers to glamorously feminine smoking accessories to a popular THC Pleasure Oil lubricant. But for founders Laura Eisman and Allison Krongard, their business reflects women’s strength of survival as much as her sensuality. Over the past year, both experienced personal crises (Eisman losing her boyfriend to a fatal accident, Krongard being diagnosed with breast cancer) and supported each other while keeping Her Highness at the forefront of cannabis culture.

Her Highness founders Laura Eisman (left) and Allison Krongard (right), at New York Fashion Week for their collaboration with designer LaQuan Smith (C) Her Highness

Her Highness: A Cannabis Lifestyle Brand For Women

“Our brand has from the very beginning been all about euphoria and joy and bringing pleasure to women,” says Krongard. “In this moment when we were both so stricken with intense grief, we both turned to cannabis as a healing tool to support our exploration of these new feelings. I use cannabis for so many things, but it added [an understanding of] a new way to reach and serve women.”

“We’re creating something for women that is medicinal,” notes Eisman, “but its recreational spin on joy and empowerment is important when you’re going through something like that.” She recalls that during the initial grieving process, small moments like lighting their Thigh High Sesh Candle and smoking a Her Highness joint allowed her peace and contentment.

Celebrating Her Higness and LaQuan Smith at NYC's famed Rainbow Room (C) Her Highness

How Did Her Highness Founders Laura Eisman And Allison Krongard Support Each Other In Crisis?

The founders also discovered new levels of sisterhood. Whether it was rallying friends to provide meals daily during the course of two surgeries, or giving a shoulder to lean on in the aftermath of a loss, Krongard and Eisman - both single moms - are inspired by female power. “Women are multitaskers, caregivers, but in business we’ve usually gone it alone,” Eisman observes. “Allison and I found we don’t have to. We can be who we are. Cannabis, being a woman, that’s what we stand for and everything our company is about. Supporting other women [personally and professionally], we all need to do that because that’s the way we make our lifestyle acceptable in a business world.”

What's Next For Her Highness? Empowering Women And Bringing Cannabis Into Mainstream Culture

Today Her Highness, one of the most notable female-focused brands in the cannabis space, is recognized for that element of support. Eisman and Krongard are powerful advocates of other women and of advancing cannabis in the mainstream. In February, the brand was featured at New York Fashion Week as the exclusive cannabis partner for designer LaQuan Smith’s runway show at the famous Rainbow Room. For Earth Day 2023, Her Highness collaborated with creative director, producer and model Serge Fils-Aime on You Deserve Flowers, a celebration dedicated to reimagining the merging of cannabis, community, and grandeur for consumers and creatives. Her Highness joined several women-owned brands just days ago in a stunning Barbie-themed event hosted by cannabis hospitality company HighGarden; “Out The Plastic: A Rooftop Rendezvous” was a tribute to the movement going beyond the hit film.

Most exciting, the brand is about to launch THC products for the New York market. The joy of fully personalized feminine expression has always been central to the mission that keeps Eisman and Krongard going strong.

“In the beginning, I was a little worried about telling other parents I had a ‘weed company,’” Krongard admits. “Now I’m totally out about it. I love any chance I get to talk on podcasts and platforms about being a weed mom instead of a wine mom and why it’s worked so much better for me. That’s a big change. Being in [this space] for so long, that’s something I want to be able to share with more women, because I know a lot of women who use cannabis and still feel ashamed and want to hide it. This brand is about the joy of not hiding it.”

“We need to be who we are,” Eisman emphasizes. “I think the moment of having to prove [women can succeed] should be over, because the statistics of women-led companies performing better than men-led companies are real… [Her Highness] is empowering.”

“It just feels so authentic to all women,” Krongard adds. “It’s not about being in your 20s or 60s or any age in particular. We’ve had women in their 70s and above who say they have the best orgasms with our pleasure oil. I’ve even heard from a paraplegic woman with limited nerve sensitivity, who sent a beautiful note about her experience with our pleasure oil. This is about [discovering] the luxury in you. We’re all queens. It’s celebrating being a woman and elevating that.”

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Featured image: Her Highness founders Laura Eisman (left) and Allison Krongard (right), at New York Fashion Week for their collaboration with designer LaQuan Smith (C) Her Highness