Six Of Swords

This month could bring a change. A transition is happening, and while it may begin on a rough note, soon, things will smooth out. There is support at hand, so don't assume you're doing this alone. Instead, accept as much help as you need. It will make the journey easier. By the time the month closes, you'll have a completely new perspective. Why look back when a better life is straight ahead?

The Six of Swords is also associated with travel, especially by or near water. This is an especially good card to see if you're going overseas or spending time on a cruise. Just remember to bring your motion sickness pills if travel makes you queasy. (Psst... Some passengers will behave badly - and get an escort off the plane. Don't be that person.)


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Featured image: Six Of Swords from the Modern Love Tarot (C) Ethony @ethony. For more about the deck, click here. To learn more about the author, visit