As surrogacy rises in popularity, many couples are eager to expand their families. Welcoming a child into the world is a wonderful experience that should be available to everyone, with or without infertility issues.

According to the CDC, as medical technology improves, the demand for this process has and will increase significantly.

The Guidance Agency, founded by Jenna DeFord, was set up with the notion of inclusivity in mind. Operating in the United States, they are an international-friendly surrogate and donor agency that welcomes any future parent. The LGBTQ+ community, single parents, and families from abroad, are all welcomed with open arms. The mission is simple - create a safe space to educate, guide, and counsel individuals as they transition into parenthood.

The process remains the same, and all parties have the same rights, choices, and processes throughout the journey. The Guidance Agency team offers support and understanding along the way which is often hard to find during an overwhelming process.

With open, clear, and honest communication, they hope to streamline the steps of surrogacy and work together as a team to make sure to provide the perfect solution. Every patient gets matched with a trusted contact and a team of understanding professionals that answer any questions that arise.

This foundation of trust and support is what differentiates the agency from others in this field. Deciding to complete a family is a personal experience that requires a lot of sensitivity on their part. Their team of experts knows more than most how frustrating it can be to talk to a healthcare provider or agency that doesn't fully invest in the journey themselves.

"Trust is the most important aspect of this process. Every team member of our agency has been through the trauma of infertility, and everyone knows how painful it is," says the agency.

Surrogacy is more than a business; it’s the birth of a family. The goal is to do things the right way, right away. They intend to make this process as stress-free as possible and memorable for everyone involved. It is a unique experience and creates close bonds that last a lifetime. This sense of community is what the Guidance Agency strives for.

“Everyone was so helpful,” attested Mike and Diane, a couple who have used their services. “They answered all our questions and assisted us in all parts of the surrogacy and donor process. They were always there to answer our questions. They really helped us navigate the whole process. We just welcomed our baby boy into the world.”

With their open-minded approach, going to the Guidance Agency is coming home to family.


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