Wheel of Fortune: Everything is about to shift. A change is on the way, and better days are ahead. Fate is beginning to intervene after months of struggle. Now the momentum gathers - and soon, a life-changing opportunity will present itself. It may be small or large - do not assume anything. Instead, remain in high alert for lucky chances and good omens. Take action and trust the gamble will pay off.

Recognition may arrive for a job well done. For those who have been nurturing their goals, the rewards are ready to drop. Be proud of everything you’ve accomplished - and step into the spotlight with confidence. This is the golden moment, the chance to shine, and claim what’s rightfully yours.

Also, be aware that fate works in mysterious ways. What may seem like a streak of bad luck may look quite different soon enough. Trust the Universe is working everything out. (It is.) No matter what’s been happening, the wheel in the sky never stopped turning.


Featured image: The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card (C) OfCADesign