By Celeste Mittman

Celeste Mittman is a born and raised New Yorker with 16 years of cannabis consumption experience. She's incredibly passionate about all things cannabis and believes that everyone should have safe legal access to this magnificent healing plant.

Recently, the advocate and connoisseur sampled prerolls for some of the industry's heaviest hitters, including Bodega Boyz, Gotti, The TENCo, CGO Lyfestyle, and BOOM. Here were her takes on this collection of favorites - read on to see how Celeste suggests you roll.

What Are Celeste's Picks For The Best Cannabis Prerolls?

Bodega Boyz Mijo Mijoooo (C) Celeste Mittman

Bodega Boyz Infused “Mijo Mijoooo” Preroll

Terpy and tasty dry pull from the unlit joint. The high hit me like a heavy blanket, encompassing my mind and body with a heady and tingly sensation. My appetite increased significantly. Although the taste was somewhat reminiscent of grapes, it wasn't overpowering.

*Editor's Note: Bodega Boyz was Honeysuckle's back cover 420 edition with Erykah Badu! For more about Bodega Boyz, click here!


CGO x BNT Zoap X Rootbeer GMO Rosin Infused

This J offers a unique and nostalgic zebra stripe gum taste on the inhale, with a tropical, sweet, and terpy profile. The smoking experience is flawless, with a well-rolled joint that burns evenly, leaving behind perfect white ash. Felt like I was in a time-lapse of pure satisfaction.

**Editor's Note: Read more about CGO here

Gotti Blue Sapphire (C) Celeste Mittman
Honeysuckle's 15th Issue launch at Cookies, NYC, 2023
Gotti & Co; 3x Zamypix winners; NYC, 4/19/2023

Blue Sapphire Gotti “Reel Roll Relax” (on filter)

This preroll was a lighter high due to not being infused. It's perfect for enjoying a nice day at a street fair. Every hit is a smooth inhale that isn't harsh at all. The beautiful white ash collection on the tip is a testament to its quality. Cozy body high. Expect your eyes to appear low and glazey after indulging in this strain.

*Editor's Note: Gotti was a premiere sponsor at Honeysuckle's Cookies NYC FOMO event and a Zalympix 3x winner in April 2023.

The TENCo No Tube Preroll (C) Celeste Mittman
Click to watch exclusive Honeysuckle video interview with TENCo founders Gerry and Stacks

The TENCo Unlabeled/No Tube Preroll

This joint is rolled to perfection, and the XL sophisticated glass tip adds a touch of elegance. The dry pull reveals a cakey, dessert-like sweetness that lingers on the back of the taste buds. It also carries hints of mustard and a distinct gas/fuel flavor. The smoking experience is incredibly smooth, causing no coughing or throat irritation. Instant munchies set in, making it a great choice for those seeking appetite stimulation.

*Editor's Note: For Honeysuckle's exclusive with The TENCo founders, click here!

Boomsbrand Zombie Stick from BOOM (C) Celeste Mittman

BoomsBrand Infused Zombie Stick

This strain induces a heavy and sleepy high, perfect for relaxation. While lighting it, the kief caught on fire momentarily, but it was easily extinguished. The taste is fantastic, providing mouthfuls of flavorful smoke. The kief on the outside was a nice touch. It proved to be a great choice for a comedy show, as it had me cracking up. It def made me feel tired afterward, enhancing the sedative “Zombie” effects.

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