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Every cannabis connoisseur can use essential items in their collection for an even higher experience. Etain Health, New York’s only women-founded cannabis company, carries a curated selection of women-owned CBD and health and wellness brands to highlight other women in the industry and their products including these accessories and more. From pre-to-post session, the items listed below will elevate your session and support women in cannabis.

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What Is Etain Health?

Etain is New York’s only women- and family-owned cannabis entity, run by CEO Amy Peckham and her daughters Hillary, the Chief Operations Officer, and Keeley, the Chief Horticultural Officer. Hillary says the work is “a labor of love,” a project that began when the whole family started researching medical cannabis as a treatment for her grandmother’s ALS (a degenerative neurological disease). The Peckhams’ longevity in the cannabis industry is as legendary as their brand’s sterling reputation; they were awarded one of the first five licenses New York issued for medical cannabis businesses and launched in 2015, shortly after the Compassionate Care Act passed to allow registered patients access to cannabinoid oils.

Today, Etain remains a cannabis leader as New York gears up for its adult-use market. The company is in the process of expanding its upstate cultivation operations, and will be opening a cultivation facility and dispensary in New Jersey, being one of the first fourteen businesses approved for a license in the Garden State in late 2021. In March 2022, the Toronto-based investment firm RIV Capital, funded by The Hawthorne Collective (a subsidiary of lawn and garden giant Scotts Miracle-Gro), signed an agreement to buy Etain for $247 million. It was the largest transaction involving a women-owned cannabis business in the history of the cannabis industry.  

Etain Health Supports Women-Owned Brands

Not only does Etain feature an enviable range of its own wellness products - including flower, vapes, tinctures, lozenges and its signature water-soluble powder - but the company is also committed to ensuring everything on store shelves supports women-owned brands. Some of the brands spotlighted in Etain include Potli, Ananda Farms, NSNT Spray, Sackville & Co., Barbari, TribeTokes, Gron, NFZD Beauty, Piecework Puzzles and more. Etain is the exclusive New York distributor of the Buy Weed From Women apparel brand, created by Newark-based poet Jasmine Mans.

Etain Health's Hottest Holiday Cannabis Accessories

(C) Nekkar / Etain

The On-The-Go Pro: BuzzBoxx x Etain Storage Case

Nekktar, founded by Julia Loni Turner, designs modern storage accessories. Their breakthrough product, BuzzBoxx, is a sleek two-compartment device that provides airtight, waterproof and odor proof storage on-the-go. The product debuted at Etain to celelbrate the launch of Etain's Mini Moment Pre-Rolls, which consumers can enjoy in this custom BuzzBoxx x Etain Storage Case. What's in your BuzzBoxx?

(C) Ken Ahbuh / Etain

The Necessity Holder: Ken Ahbus Pouch

A lifestyle brand for the modern stoner, Ken Ahbus incorporates the three big Cs - comfort, cannabis, and comedy - into everything. A vast array of ready-to-wear apparel from tees and sweatpants to hats and hoodies creates the ultimate plant lover’s wardrobe. The Necessity Pouch - for phone, keys, wallet and a little extra something green - is a must-have. Based in New York, the inclusive small business also partners with a local nonprofit, Spectrum Designs, that trains and employs people on the autism spectrum to do printing and embroidery on the items sold.

(C) Buy Weed From Women / Etain

The Statement Piece: Buy Weed From Women Jacket

Buy Weed From Women (BWFW), created by Jasmine Mans, is a Black women-owned and operated product design house with local industrial screen printing based in Newark, New Jersey. The brand's apparel advocates for supporting women entrepreneurs and the legalization of cannabis. BWFW has released two capsules of clothing and has supplied product and design to the cannabis industries in both the United States and Canada. In June 2020, Etain and BWFW's distribution partnership was featured in Forbes, spotlighting the "Good Weed Good Women" CBD boxes produced by the collaboration. A portion of proceeds from the "Good Weed Good Women" boxes goes to the New York City Food Bank. By 2022, the BWFW apparel and merchandise have become iconic as a way to celebrate one's commitment to supporting women in the cannabis industry.

(C) Barbari / Etain

The Euphoric Blend: Barbari Airplane Mode

Barbari is a women and BIPOC-owned social equity brand specializing in low-dose cannabis products and herbal blends. The ever-popular Airplane Mode combines the euphoric glow of blue lotus, rose petals, and lavender to help melt away anxiety and soften the day’s edges. Ideal for transitioning into nocturnal rhythms, the blend calms the senses and can support lucid dreams once asleep. All Barbari Herbal Blends are made with organic, food grade herbs in Portland, Oregon.

(C) 024 / Etain

The High Maintenance Fragrance: 024 Cannatonic Candle

024 is your fragrance for high maintenance; the woman and Black-owned brand is renowned for its patented NeuAir™ technology, which targets and neutralizes cannabis airborne molecules and replaces them with specially formulated alluring and immersive fragrances. These elevated home products work to eliminate tobacco, pet and food odors too. The Cannatonic candle features soothing notes of Smoked Cedarwood, Haitian Vetiver, and Creamy Leather for a blissful, safe and warming vibration.

The Modern Clean: Session Goods' Ashtray and Cleaning Solution

Founded in 2017 by four friends, Session Goods believes that joy lies in the little things; that indulging yourself shouldn't feel taboo or be reserved for hidden moments. They see the culture and stigma of smoking maturing and believe that the products used to enjoy it should evolve as well. Now you can evolve your smoke sesh with this sleek, stylish silicone bowl ashtry and rose-citrus-scented cleaning solution. The ashtray is beautifully simple and portable, while the alcohol-based cleaner will free your glass accessories from residue and other undesirables—and have them looking brand spanking new again.

(C) House of Pull / Etain

The Sophisticated Smoke: House of Puff's Soho Holder

Sophisticated smokeware is House of Puff’s milieu, with luxurious accessories designed for those who love artistic flair in their elevated experience. Woman and Latinx-owned and aesthetically-focused, the brand innovates new devices by engaging in multisensory details. With the Soho Holder, safety never looked so fabulous. This handblown borosilicate glass holder is available in four vibrant designs that evoke Breakfast at Tiffany’s-style charm. But beyond looks, it’s protective – the length of the holder cools your smoke before it reaches your throat, and it also safeguards fingertips and lips from too much heat, and makeup from smudging. Move over, diamonds; a girl’s got a new best friend!

(C) House of Puff / Etain

The Smoke For A Cause: House of Puff x Chris Wilson Collection Rolling Papers

Engage in the spirit of generosity with products that support good causes, such as the House of Puff x Chris Wilson rolling papers, which benefit the Baltimore-based artist and social justice activist as well as Solitary Watch, a nonprofit that raises awareness about the harms of solitary confinement. In May 2022, Etain's flagship store hosted House of Puff's debut of Wilson's art exhibit I Can Show You the Way Out, a series of abstract paintings inspired by his experiences in prison. The centerpiece work, Positive Delusions, memorializes the process that the artist used to survive solitary confinement for 16 years. Wilson's memoir The Master Plan, which explains his journey through trauma and incarceration to advocacy for criminal justice reform, cannabis legalization, and greater social equity, is also available in Etain stores.

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