The room buzzed as attendees networked and socialized, sharing project goals and checking out the latest inventory from the TribeTokes line. Music played in the background, there were snacks and drinks. The group was a nice mix of industry professionals, enthusiasts, and patients alike, all drawn together for a common interest. The event sold out with more than 50 attendees and a couple of cute pups funneling in and out of the chic and intimate loft. The space and intimacy making the “CBD Stock-up Event” seem more like a party than a shopping event.There was a nice selection of CBD items for customers to choose from. There were products from other companies offered beyond TribeTokes products as well. There was coffee and lollipops from Flower Power Coffee, Popped.NYC CBD supplements, Soul Addict infused beauty products, vapes and beauty care products from the TribeTokes line.

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A Look Inside The Event

The products were displayed in a manner that was inviting, drawing the attendees in to look at the items, but broken up in a way that allowed adequate space to look and engage with the items, encouraging attendees to ask questions. The flow of the space made the number of people there feel less overwhelming. There was even a CBD dab bar out back where you could sample some of the products they offered, and a rooftop area where you could use your new goodies or medicate if you felt the need.

The business world, for the most part is run by men, but Kym and Degelis (TribeTokes’ Director of Distribution and CFA-CEO, respectively) strive to ensure the future of the cannabis industry is, not unlike the beautiful plant itself, female!

This event was an excellent showcase of female empowerment. As the women worked the room, they made sure to introduce guests to each other, allowing for an ever-growing network. Guests discussed goals and projects with each other and exchanged ideas, connecting more female cannapreneurs together. Kym and Degelis’s high energy and passion was contagious.

Smiles and laughter were everywhere.Often, when people think of cannabis, they think of the stereotypical stoners from film and television or you think of successful men linked to cannabis, you think of Cheech and Chong, but the face of cannabis and entrepreneurship is changing.

Personally, I think that Kym and Degelis are excellent examples of successful, productive, and driven cannapreneurialship. Who says women can’t be successful and cannabis users?With style, confidence, compassion and ambition, Kym and Degelis have taken a successful friendship and turned it into a sisterhood that became the base for a strong business relationship.

Beyond furthering their personal and professional goals, they are building a strong network of empowered women who look up to them as their “big cannasisters”, following their lead and pursuing their own cannabis-laced dreams.Cannabis is here. Legalization is upon us and it’s only a matter of time before it is more widely accepted. People from all walks of life use cannabis for any number of reasons, and events like this one are important to the movement of legalization and acceptance. Never have I seen women so passionate and supportive of one another. Kym and Degelis see us as brothers and sisters, collectively, and they’re doing their part to normalize and legalize cannabis for all. The encouragement and sisterhood I felt while at the event was almost overwhelming. Such a rush of support. So much love. With the help of supportive cannapreneurs like Kym and Degelis, I am excited to see what tomorrow brings in the cannabis movement.

Networking, educating, and supporting each other is the only way to reach our common goal of cannabis acceptance, legalization, and access.

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