At Las Vegas’ MJBizConthe world's largest cannabis industry trade show– Honeysuckle had the opportunity to talk to Daniel Marshall, head of sales for the award-winning vaporizer brand Dr. Dabber. Specializing in “high-quality products that are made by dabbers for dabbers,” Dr. Dabber recently released their newest, most advanced vaporizer: Boost EVO.

Currently based in Las Vegas and originally from Boca Raton, Florida, Dr. Dabber pioneered the dab e-rig in 2015 with the Boost, the very first of its kind on the market, and saw incredible success. Prior to the Boost–and the main reason for which Dr. Dabber exists– there was a plethora of liquid vaporizers, but a lack of low-temperature e-rigs. The Boost exploded in Florida when it was first released, and Marshall marks that as due to the lack of low-temperature e-rigs in the cannabis market.

Dr. Dabber subsequently released the Boost: Black Edition in 2017 and the Boost EVO in 2020, the latter being completely redesigned from the previous two iterations.

Low temperatures are ideal for the best dab experience, according to Marshall and the rest of the Dr. Dabber team, and it is for this reason that their pens and e-rigs are revolutionary.

The Boost EVO (C) Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber’s Low-Temperature Vaporizers Preserve Terpenes

Marshall breaks it down, explaining that “most terpenes boil between 510° and 540°.” Terpenes are the fragrances found in many plants, including cannabis; what this means is that most of these fragrances will start to burn when heated at temperatures above 540° (and the user can no longer taste or smell those scents). When heated at lower temperatures, users are able to “get the full entourage effect from concentrates.”

Marshall explains that, as opposed to other devices on the market (where the vapor travels through the device, into a metal or silicone pathway, and then to you), with the Boost EVO, and the majority of Dr. Dabber’s devices–“you can trace a vapor path, right from the atomizer itself, right through the water filtration, overall forming a very clean experience.” This path for vapor creates a much cooler temperature, allowing the product to be consumed comfortably.

Boost EVO takes what was so successful about Dr. Dabber’s original Boost e-rig and adds even more: lower resistance, resulting in lower temperatures and now, a quartz atomizer. All of Dr. Dabber’s products are made in-house, designed by dabbers making the company’s products something “that customers and shop owners can stand by,” says Marshall. The company utilizes premium materials only, making the battery last longer, keeping the product clean, and overall designed to create the most comfortable product possible.

(C) Dr. Dabber

User-Friendly Devices for First-Time Dabbers

And what if you’ve never dabbed before? Marshall and the entire Dr. Dabber team welcome first-timers with open arms, “treating them like they’re their best friends,” and wanting to ensure they experience the perfect dab. The company’s products allow for personalized hits: for example, if it’s burning your throat, it’s too hot, and that is something that can be changed by lowering the temperature of the e-rig.

This upcoming quarter, Dr. Dabber has many plans in the works, including new lines, improvements to existing favorites, and even better products! To stay updated with the company, visit or follow @DrDabber on all your favorite social media platforms.