Anytime Doggface is in Los Angeles, it’s a lituation.

Who Is Viral Musical Artist Doggface?

You probably recognize the musical artist’s name or face from his viral TikTok that went absolutely bananas over the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, where Doggface (born Nathan Apodaca) was seen riding a skateboard and drinking cranberry juice to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Fast forward to today, Doggface is now a walking celebrity.

Doggface And 208 Natives Shoot "Warm Summer Days" Music Video With Rapper Conejo

On Thursday, November 16, Doggface and his group, 208 Natives, rented out a beautiful house in the Hollywood hills to shoot their newest music video with Los Angeles rapper Conejo, a pioneer of West Coast Chicano rap. The song is called “Warm Summer Days,” which Doggface previously previewed on his TikTok page.

The name of the group derives directly from Doggface’s indigenous roots in his home state of Idaho, with 208 being the area code. 208 Natives includes three members: Doggface repping Arapaho Nation, D.R.G. repping Navajo Nation and Dino of Shoshone Bannock. Together, they unite their unique styles to create their own version of West Coast Hip-Hop. 

And with Doggface being the “Vibe King,” he definitely carries that legacy with him everywhere he goes. 

Doggface and Conejo on the set of "Warm Summer Days" (C) Doggface

Behind The Scenes Of "Warm Summer Days": Doggface And 208 Natives In The Hollywood Hills

“We're doing a new song right now, me and 208 Natives,” Doggface stated. “And Conejo: L.A. legend, actor, rapper. We're out here in the Hollywood Hills, making a new song. New video. Celebrating with family, friends and loved ones. It's dope as hell.”

What certainly didn’t go unnoticed was the loved ones surrounding Doggface, including his adorable son who may have just made his music video debut at such a young age. And while the song’s name is “Warm Summer Days,” that didn’t take away from how cold L.A. was getting during the nighttime. Luckily, Doggface had BeatBox to keep him warm.

Doggface stated, “I'm feeling warm, I think this BeatBox is keeping me cozy up in here. We got BeatBox, they got a new flavor out. Green Apple is their newest flavor, but remember to stay with the Cranberry dreams everybody. Make sure you guys drink them chilled.”

Doggface Talks Cannabis From Los Angeles To Idaho

Of course, anywhere Doggface is, there’s probably weed as well. Although dabbing is his preference of choice, he also has his own collab with Laughing Gas. Pounds of the strain were available for those in attendance, alongside his Laughing Gas Extrax gummies. Labeled Vibe King, the gummies are THC-H + THC-JD live resin gummies, with 3500mg per jar.

“We are out here in L.A., freaking the bombest top shelf, I'm telling you,” Doggface stated. “The fire is there. The strain, you can smell straight out the bag. Laughing Gas, go check us out. They got more strings other than Doggface. We’re coming out with some THCA as well, so everybody check that out. Legal around the states, so we're going to be pumping that everywhere.”

With Doggface residing in Idaho, we also found out he likes to make the 14-hour drive versus flying — primarily so he can smoke. While Idaho itself is a non-green state, they are surrounded by green states which allows them to get different strains from all over.

So what does Doggface want you to take away from the song?

“Just a good vibe and to remember that life's too short. Share that with the ones you love and just have fun in life.”

For more about Doggface, follow @doggface208 on Instagram. To learn more about 208 Natives, follow @208_natives on Instagram.


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Featured image: Doggface, 208 Natives bandmates DRG and Dino, and guests celebrate the "Warm Summer Days" music video in Hollywood (C) Doggface