If you’re a long-time consumer, you’ve probably seen or hit the Volcano a few times in your lifetime. The device is hard to miss: a dry herb vaporizer that took the cannabis industry by storm. The machine itself is shaped like a volcano, as it heats up and blows vapor into a plastic-bag — similar to blowing air into a balloon. The catch? You inhale it after!

Storz & Bickel's new device The VENTY (C) Ginger Michele @lookatyougophoto

What Is Storz & Bickel? The Global Leader Behind The Volcano Vaporizer Device

For those who aren’t familiar, the Volcano was created by Storz & Bickel. Based in Germany, they have positioned themselves as the leading brand for certified Hot Air Generators worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and compliance, S&B builds outstanding functionality based on the most innovative and cutting-edge technology.

Storz & Bickel co-founder Jurgen Bickel at the Astor Club LA launch event for The VENTY (C) Ginger Michele @lookatyougophoto

Storz & Bickel Launch New Device The VENTY With The Astor Club In Los Angeles

Now, S&B is excited as ever for consumers to enjoy their newest device: the VENTY. Think of this as a portable Volcano, ready to go at your convenience. 

On Friday, November 17th, Storz & Bickel teamed up with the Astor Club for their official Los Angeles launch party, unveiling the VENTY as their first device in nearly a decade. (An earlier exclusive preview of the device was shown to Astor Club members and colleagues in New York in late October.) The invite-only event on the West Coast took place at the new, members-only consumption lounge located on La Cienega Boulevard. Guests were not only able to try the new device, but were also gifted a code to get their own complimentary VENTY in the mail. 

Guests enjoy The VENTY at the Astor Club LA launch event (C) Ginger Michele @lookatyougophoto
WEED AND GRUB podcast hosts Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson were among the guests gifted special codes to get their own VENTY devices (C) Ginger Michele @lookatyougophoto

Making your way to the flower bar that was offering a strain called Pie Scream, a team member showed you exactly how the VENTY works. After grinding up some weed and filling the small chamber on top, you then press a button on the side that turns the device on. The default setting is 180 degrees Celsius, mainly because THC activates at 356 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you get the most enjoyable flavor of terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Within the first pull, you’re immediately captivated. The flavor itself speaks volumes to the concept of a portable dry herb vaporizer, with the ability to smoke your favorite flower without needing to worry about rolling up or stinking up the room (if you’re in a non-cannabis space, of course). The device is actually the first of its kind where you can adjust the airflow as well, with three different settings. It only takes 20 seconds to heat up, taking in a maximum airflow of 20 liters per minute.

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Storz & Bickel co-founder Jurgen Bickel at the Astor Club LA launch event (C) Ginger Michele @lookatyougophoto

Storz & Bickel Co-Founder Jürgen Bickel On The VENTY Launch And Status Of Global Cannabis

Storz & Bickel co-founder Jürgen Bickel was in attendance, speaking of his excitement for the launch of VENTY.

SHIRLEY JU: How excited are you for the launch on VENTY? I heard it’s your first device in 10 years.

JURGEN BICKEL: Not in 10 years, but 9-plus years. (Laughs) Of course we are excited. It was a long ride until we released this product [VENTY] on the market. It has exceptional features; it was very difficult to reach these exceptional features. To reach heat-up time, to reach excellent airflow, to reach this excellent taste. It was not easy to build this device.

The Volcano has such a strong presence in the cannabis industry. Do you plan for this device to do the same thing?

I think so. It's exceptional and the feedback is so positive. It convinces people extremely fast and also over time, it’s really a good device. People are saying it’s a mobile Volcano.

Storz & Bickel devices at the Astor Club LA launch event (C) Ginger Michele @lookatyougophoto

What are you most excited for with the launch?

Exactly that feedback, to have this reaction. What we saw is good, is really, really good. People are seeing it the same way. That of course, having success around the world. I hope a lot of people are loving it and buying it.

What are your thoughts on the event tonight and collaborating with Astor Club? 

It’s a nice collaboration, in New York and here. It was good to have a nice platform where you can invite people. People know S&B, our products and place in the industry. And with these events, people can show the device, try the device. They can have a very nice, open discussion about it. 

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Where do you see the current state of cannabis?

Cannabis is worldwide. In Germany maybe, it will get better next year. Here it’s available, that’s the dream. Everybody can have it in California. Hopefully they have more places where we can live like here in California.

How does cannabis in Germany compare to here?

We have only medical available. We don’t have any edibles or things like that, it’s just dry flower. There’s a law out there, maybe changes next year. [As of recent reports from the German Parliament, the country is slated to begin federal decriminalization of cannabis, legal home cultivation and possession, and cultivation clubs in April 2024.]

For more on Storz & Bickel and The VENTY, visit storz-bickel.com.


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