Delta 8 is hitting stores now more than ever; new innovative products are popping up nationwide, making this isomer of THC the “it” item for cannabis lovers everywhere. If you have never heard of Delta 8 and want to know more, check out our Delta 8 breakdown article. Delta 8 THC provides a beautiful mellow high for users and tends to be legal in more states than the commonly found Delta 9 THC. 

If you have heard of Delta 8 and are looking for trustworthy companies that make well-rounded, strong products, then read on for our review of five companies whose wares are the perfect way to introduce yourself or friends to Delta 8 THC. 


Flowerz CBD Hemp

Looking for a bomb CBD company that also has Delta 8? Flowerz has you covered with a wide range of pre-rolls, flower, vapes, extracts and is expanding with edibles. They source all of their ingredients from organic farms, a great fit for someone who wants to ethically and naturally source their CBD or delta 8 THC. Each product has a QR code that brings you to their third-party lab testing to ensure safety with consumption.

Honeysuckle got to try Flowerz’s Delta 8 Super Lemon Haze cartridge, their Strawberry Delta 8 Fruit thins and the Sour Space Candy CBD flower. The Delta 8 premium cartridge is your standard vape cartridge with a ceramic top. It comes in 1 ML which is 1,000 mg per cartridge. The taste is a blissful lemon with no hint of the regular cannabis flower taste that some people may find unpleasant. The cartridge is excellent for someone who wants to avoid the smell that smoking flower gives off or who is seeking a more convenient process of smoking. The Strawberry Delta 8 Fruit thins were a shocking surprise in the best way. Most Delta-8-infused edibles are your regular gummies, but this fruit thin is completely made of real fruit with no added sugar and tastes like a homemade Fruit Roll-up from your childhood. Each pack comes with five thins that are 25mg of Delta 8 per thin. This standard dosage of Delta 8 is very relaxing for the typical cannabis user or for the newbie and can be a fun experience. We also got a chance to try the Sour Space Candy CBD flower, a great alternative for a relaxing experience that avoids a potent high. The flower comes in a 3.5g bag, perfect as a gift or something to keep all to yourself. 

3 Chi 

3 Chi Vape Cartridges

3 Chi has a wide range of CBD products, but also is diving deep into Delta 8. Choose from their cartridges to their tinctures or even distillates and oils. A favorite amongst users is to even make their own edibles with the tinctures. With multiple customer reviews on each product, you are sure to find the one you are looking for. Their site even has a page listing all their lab tested products, which provides the ultimate transparency in seeing where your hemp comes from. 


CannaAid blue razz gummies.

CannaAid is the sister company to Concentrated Concepts, a brand we’ve reviewed in the past. Both companies have a wide range of products, but are very different from each other. CannaAid has a wide range of vape cartridges, soft gels, edibles and tinctures. CannaAid is more known for their amazing sleep line and their products that cater to the health side whereas Concentrated Concepts has more recreational products. Their wide range of night products are specifically formulated to help with sleep.

We got to try CannaAid’s Delta 8 and CBN Nighttime Soft Gels and the Mystery Flavor Gummies. The Mystery Flavor gummies are a fun way to spice up edibles. Besides being delicious, they are also vegan, made with fruit pectin instead of gelatin. The mystery gummies are a serving size of two 30 mg gummy pieces. They provide the perfect high that is slightly psychoactive in a mellow way but much more controlled than a Delta 9 high. The soft gels are also vegan and  gluten free as well. They contain 15 mg of Delta 8 and 10 mg of CBN, a relaxing combination that helps you easily fall asleep and, even better, stay asleep through the night. 


Hhemp delta 8 preroll.

We have reviewed this brand’s CBD in the past and we can say it is amazing. (Click here to read about our experience with their CBD lollipops.) We were ecstatic to find out that this CBD company was expanding into Delta 8. Hhemp just came out with a line of Delta 8 pre-rolls, cartridges and they are even coming out with new lollipops. 

Hhemp delta 8 watermelon lollipop.

The pre-rolls are a great updated version of their original CBD pre-rolls, just with the addition of Delta 8. They also have hemp smokes in collaboration with Chief Stix. If you are not the light up type, try the line of vape cartridges in multiple flavors including gelato and peppermint mocha. 

The Hemp Doctor

The Hemp Doctor white widow vape cartridge.

Looking for an organic product that is always kosher and gluten free? The Hemp Doctor has their customers covered with products made from organic hemp. They have tinctures, cartridges and edibles and they even have shatter, which is a product that not many Delta 8 companies carry. 

Vapes are a perfect introduction for a more controlled experience especially if the user is not familiar with how to use flower. Shatter is a super concentrated extract, which is good for consumers who find themselves needing more than the average person to get high. If smoking isn’t your delivery method, then rely on edibles. Keep in mind the high is full-body with an edible and always start by using small doses if you are not familiar with how they work. 

These companies are just some that have a wide range of Delta 8 products, let us know in the comments your favorite Delta 8 company!