Many cannabis users are patiently awaiting consistent cannabis legalization and decriminalization across all states. While cannabis legalization is a growing movement in the United States, progress is often slow.  While CBD provides a safe and legal alternative to cannabis, it often leaves consumers craving something stronger. This is where Delta-8 THC comes in.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-9 THC is the usual form of cannabis which is still technically illegal at the federal level. Delta-8 THC is “an analog of delta-9-THC, a molecule with a similar structure, but some notable differences. While the two share many similar properties, such as reportedly stimulating appetite, reducing nausea, and soothing pain, delta-8-THC tends to exhibit a lower psychotropic potency than delta-9-THC.”

These differences in chemical makeup lead to a mellower high with many considering delta-8 “diet weed.” The high is far more relaxing than regular cannabis but takes you a step further than CBD. For those new to cannabis, caution is advised as the product still has a psychoactive effect.

But if it’s THC then it’s not legal, right?

Wrong, the amazing aspect of delta-8 THC is that it is completely legal within most states. 

Here is a list of states that do not allow purchase and consumption of delta-8 THC:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Drug Testing

The unfortunate fact about delta 8 is that it will still appear on drug tests. Drug testing only searches for THC within the body. Tests are unable to detect the form in which THC is consumed. Therefore, even though it is legal to consume delta 8 THC, depending on how much consumed it still might show up on a drug test.

The Benefits Of Delta-8

Delta-8 provides a psychoactive effect minus the paranoia. Because of this, delta-8 can be better for people who use cannabis for its medicinal properties.

1974 study found that both delta-8 and delta-9 inhibited the growth of cancerous tumors. Since then, numerous studies have established the benefits of delta-8 for cancer patients in both alleviating side effects of treatment (such as vomiting) and successfully stopping tumor growth. 

How You Can Get Your Hands On Delta-8

Delta-8 THC can be found at most CBD shops but the selection available can be limited. Companies such as Concentrated Concepts sell delta-8 THC in a range of forms, from edibles to vape cartridges, oils, and even flower.

A Product Review of Concentrated Concepts

A sky with writing see you on cloud 9 and a blunt.

Concentrated Concepts has a wide range of CBG and CBD products from pre-rolls to isolates and edibles. 

Two bottles of CBD Tincture.

They also sell delta-8 THC in a wide range of forms.

Packs of delta 8 cartridges.

Though Delta8 THC has been available for years, is now exploding in popularity. Often called the lite version of its psychoactive cousin Delta-9 THC (marijuana), Delta8 THC is excellent for a mild high that won’t overwhelm your senses with anxiety and paranoia. Delta8 THC is a completely legal cannabinoid thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, as it is derived from the hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% THC. If you’ve ever tried marijuana and did not like the overwhelming anxiety and paranoia, Delta8 THC might just be for you! While Delta8 THC does give you a relaxing mind and body high, your mind remains clear-headed and completely in control. This high is very attractive for those that have tried Delta-9 THC and wished for a more mild version.

Elevated Wellness created a Delta8 tincture that is infused with Delta8 THC for a gentle high that relaxes your mind and elevates your mind. The liquid is almost completely clear, has a light pine flavor, and a comforting hemp scent. The instructions for use are very simple: release a dropper full of the tincture under your tongue for about 60 seconds, and swallow! You should allow at least 30 minutes for the cannabinoid to kick in. Once it does, you can enjoy several hours of a relaxed high that won’t initiate any type of anxiety or paranoia; just a warm and euphoric high that brings elevated wellness to your daily life.

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Honeysuckle tried some of these products and we can safely say that they are more than worth it. The product works for those not familiar with cannabis usage; consumers new to cannabis tend to prefer vape cartridges due to their pleasant taste. Those familiar with cannabis found that delta-8 provided a relaxing high, with more experience consumers preferring pre-rolls.

Delta-8 provides a great alternative to delta-9 cannabis. Not only is delta-8 legal, it has myriad health benefits and creates a relaxing and productive high without the paranoia. With all these benefits and the sheer accessibility of these products, there’s no reason not to try delta-8 THC!