We are all familiar with the usual form of CBD tincture that usually doesn’t taste the best and can be awkward to consume while out and about. Thankfully, the industry has expanded to edibles which are discreet and easy to carry around. These companies decided to take CBD to the next level and incorporate it in some really cool new ways.

HHemp Co CBD+CBG Lollipops

Three flavors of CBD lollipops; orange, mixed berry and chocolate mint.
Photo from Hhemp Co

Afraid of the taste? There’s no need to be! These lollipops come in three different flavors that are all amazing. Perfect options for different palettes. This is a great way to introduce someone new to CBD. These treats also include CBG which is known to enhance your experience. Each lollipop comes packed with different vitamins and antioxidants. 

The effects aren’t super strong so there’s no need to worry about getting tired in the midst of a work day even with the chill pop. 

Lock & Key Remedies Bath Bombs

Lock and Key bath bombs.
Photo from Lock & Key

This is the perfect way to relax at the end of the day.  Lock & Key’s line of bath bombs is so calming. It’s a completely different experience to an edible CBD product but still an amazing one. These are perfect for relieving tension in the body, muscle aches or just an overall calming experience. 

Just CBD Vegan Gummies

Four packs of CBD vegan gummies.
Photo from JustCBD

Sometimes it is hard to come by some reasonable and good tasting vegan CBD. These products are just like all the other amazing CBD gummies  out there but are specifically for the vegans. These bears come in packages that are perfect for your purse or backpack.

St. Bernies CBD Gum

Three packs of CBD gum.
Photo from St. Bernies

The gum is sugar free and vegan. The perfect product for someone who doesn’t want to eat something or take some oil but just wants a piece of gum. 


They come in varying strengths to customize your experience. The tins are also so cute.