Full moon, candy, and giggles. Monsters and Harlequins come out to play. We’re feeling impish and mischievous this spooky season. These four strains, recommended by our very own RX Mary Jade, are the perfect accompaniment to your Halloween mischief.

Monster Cookies is a cross between two popular cultivars, Girl Scout Cookies and Grandaddy Purp. This indica dominant flower is a heavy hitter and will have you slowly drifting away once it casts its spell of relaxation and euphoria.

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Jack the Ripper is an energizing sativa dominant hybrid.  The creative cerebral effects of this flower will ensure you have a killer time during your smoke sesh. The afterwave of full body euphoria is also something to die for. 


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Zkittles makes you want to taste the rainbow with its sweet, smooth smoke appeal.  This indica dominant cross is the perfect way to bring down that sugar rush high (and without any extra calories.) 

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Harlequin is sativa-dominant, which means it is great to keep you clear and energized for whatever mischief you have planned. If you overindulge this Halloween in your favorite medicated treats, Harlequin is a perfect smoke since it is a high CBD cultivar. 

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