Enjoy another multimedia experience with the Tortus Mountain Sages, as they explore and spread education about hemp through its many forms. Today, the Sages do dessert the hemp enthusiast’s way with Cured Nutrition’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, a sweet snack that has your daily dose of CBD and other balancing cannabinoids (it is THC-free, though).

Cured Nutrition’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is simply delicious. It tastes good and delivers one 30 mg serving of THC-free hemp extract. Broad-spectrum hemp extract is a full-spectrum hemp extract that’s had the THC removed. There is one flavor, chocolate chip cookie dough, and it’s sold in single packets or packs of ten.

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This product is gluten-free. If you’re sensitive to ingredients like almond meal, coconut, and peanuts, then you need to avoid this product at all costs. However, if you love these ingredients mixed with chocolate chips, then you’re in for a wonderful treat. This product is a good snack with a solid serving of hemp extract to keep you balanced.

I decided to take a ten-pack and experiment with six of them. The first packet, I ate straight out of the fridge. It was a tasty cold treat that ran out quickly. I needed more, so I gutted the empty packet, splitting it open, and then I licked the insides clean. It was that good. If you like any of Justin’s Nut Butters, this tastes even better. Seriously, it’s that delicious.

The effects of one packet are motivating and calming. 15 minutes after eating it, I started cleaning up my house and this lasted for an hour and a half.

I put the second packet in the freezer and waited for it to become a solid bar of “hempy” goodness. Trust me, the wait is worth it. The bar popped right out of the wrapper. I ate it, with minimal to no excess cookie dough stuck on the sides. I felt relaxed at the end of a long day, and it was like the sun was setting in my body until I had to go to sleep. After watching two movies in this calmed state, I slept like a log.

For packets three to five, I’ve got some outdoor adventures planned. One will be used for tai chi and hiking. Another packet will be eaten for breakfast to experience daytime on the “Dough.”

And the final packet will be used to chill out on Sunday before the week starts.

The added bonus is the the 30 mg of hemp-derived broad-spectrum hemp extract.  The effects kick in 10-15 minutes after the dough. I was awake, motivated, and wanted to walk around and talk to people. The effects lasted 3-4 hours. After the effects fade, there is a calmness and relaxed feeling that helps you get to sleep, if you’re tired. This product is a delectable food that you can eat daily, but probably shouldn’t.

Average dose:

1 packet is 30 mg of Broad-spectrum hemp extract. For date night, each person eats 1 packet.


Above average pricing. Sold in packs of 10 for $50. Each pack has 30 mg of CBD-rich full-spectrum hemp extract for a total of 300 mg.


Gluten free. Zero THC. Tasty, filling, good dessert alternative, eat with boyfriend/girlfriend for date night, mildly energizing, relaxing. Effects last 3-4 hours.


Almond meal, peanuts, shredded coconut, slivered almonds, semi-sweet chocolate chips, honey, sustainable palm oil, sugar, hemp oil (contains CBD, CBN, CBG, CBDa)

Extraction Type:

THC-free, full-spectrum distillate from CO2-extracted hemp oil

Company Type:

Founded by athletes and healers, Cured Nutrition focuses on food products with CBD-rich hemp oil to add to your daily diet.

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