Cecilia Leigh Howard

What to look for when shopping for CBD?

  1. COA’s (Certificate of Analysis)

  2. Batch Codes

  3. QR Codes

  4. Reviews!

What does Full Spectrum mean?

Full Spectrum comes from whole hemp plant extracts, meaning there are a full spectrum of cannabinoids.

CBD is a cannabinoid, these additional cannabinoids (ex. CBN, CBG..) have benefits of their own & work synergistically when used together, this is referred to as “The Entourage Effect.”

How to dose?

  1. Doses are subjective, better to start small & work your way up.

  2. Your dose will be based off of your height, weight & level of relief.

Flavor? Potency? Effectiveness?

It’s unflavored, made with organic hemp seed oil, goes down easily & taste is pretty mild.

Potency is 20mg/ml, really effective for sleep, pain, inflammation, nausea & migraines.

(There are more benefits, this is mainly what it helps me with.)

Tip: Depending on the base, most tinctures can be used topically or you can try adding a few drops to some lotion/cream that you already have.

Where can you find this?

Core Roots* website

*Disclaimer: I am an affliate of this company .

**They are a great trust-worthy source for quality CBD products because of that I am proud to be associated with Core Roots & hope that you definitely check them out!

Here is my affliate link: click here

Thank you for checking out this review & we hope to help connect you with some of your new favorite products!

Core Roots Social Media Handle(s): IG: @corerootsforlife

Cecilia Leigh Howard

NY MMJP, SAG-AFTRA actress & cannabis advocate, working in cannabis for 5 years all over North America, budtending, trimming or cultivating.

She is a writer, copyeditor & social media contributor for the Honey Pot by Honeysuckle Magazine.

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