By Franklin Saldana, Jr.

The Chillum Through Our Eyes” Part 2, hosted by cannabis community advocate King Gregory at Work N Roll in New York City, was an experience for people to sit and burn, while listening to expert hashmakers educate on the process of making hash from seed to finished concentrate. This wonderful event brought people together on Bob Marley’s birthday, February 6th, the second such celebration of hash that King Gregory and friends have curated to encourage learning about hash and full-spectrum cannabis consumption. Teaching audiences about the multitude of benefits from plant wellness, while also promoting awareness of different brands and showcasing notable artists like the reggae pioneer Rocker-T, fulfills a need. It bridges a gap between consumers and those who have made cannabis a vocation.

One of the most outstanding features of “The Chillum Through Our Eyes” was the panel discussion on chillum culture, spirituality, and healing that included Rocker-T and a lineup of cannabis experts: Leslie Stone of Let’s Talk Cannabiz!, Heman of Re-Legalize Nepal, and Wicked K of Wicked Sowa Seeds

Re-Legalize Nepal founder Heman (left) and event host King Gregory (right). (C) Santos Flores @papisanto.s

Re-Legalize Nepal Hosts Maha Shivaratri Event: Free The Plant Globally Ceremony And Party For World Peace With Rocker-T

On Friday March 8th for International Women’s Day and the Hindu holiday of Maha Shivaratri, the forces of Heman, Rocker-T, King Gregory and their community will combine again for an all-night event in Woodside, Queens. Re-Legalize Nepal’s 3rd Annual Maha Shivaratri will offer free festivities including a “Free the Plant Globally” worship and purifying ceremony, devotional songs and blessed food (all at the Divya Dham Temple, 6-10PM); and a VIP “Party for World Peace” that offers special craft drinks, traditional sweets, live DJ music, giveaways, and a performance by Rocker-T (at Thamel NYC, 9PM-4AM). Presented by Hey Devi and a bevy of cannabis brands and organizations, this event is not to be missed. (Click here to get your tickets now through Eventbrite.)

Leslie Stone, founder of Let's Talk Cannabiz, speaks on the panel. (C) Santos Flores @papisanto.s

"The Chillum Through Our Eyes" Panel: Words Of Wisdom On Hash And Healing With Cannabis

But back to the wisdom of the Chillum panel, which raised a variety of topics about the art of the plant.

“Texture — if it’s grainy, because stickier, oilier can be difficult,” said Heman. 

“Semi loose structure, resin glands sandy to the touch,” Wicked-K answered. “Flavor profile and terpenes are super important. Papaya is an interesting one, as it’s one of the new compounds.”

According to the panelists, the best quality to look for in hash-making is texture, as this will facilitate the production process. When selecting the type of flower you want to use, one major element to consider is its flavor profile, as that will determine the taste of the hash.

Significance Of The Chillum

As the experts educated the audience on hash, Rocker-T also showed everyone what a chillum is, by passing one around the panel and explaining its significance to people who were previously unfamiliar. A chillum is a smoking pipe made from soft clay or stone, a tool that originated in India and has been used for thousands of years. 

Rocker-T On Cannabis Crystallization

Rocker-T was also poetic in describing the process of cannabis crystallization, which occurs when THC crystals start to form at lower temperatures: “The plant covers themselves with snow, before the snow comes… The plant itself does all the work.”

One question the attendees asked the panel was, “What was one major obstacle you had to overcome to get where you are today?”

Leslie Stone, who spoke about her journey in building Let’s Talk Cannabiz as one of the few Black woman-owned cannabis media brands, emphasized the need for destigmatization and greater representation for all in the space. She explained her mission: "I want to ensure diversity and inclusion for minorities, women, LGBT, and provide patient advocacy for seniors seeking an alternative medicine in the rapidly emerging cannabis industry.”

Heman echoed the need for breaking taboos in his answer about obstacles: “The stigma against cannabis. It’s so new… but it’s a great plant with so many different values from seed to flower.”

Rocker-T responded that his challenge was “getting equipment and a space that’s undisturbed and the right environment. Once we had the spot and devoted energy and time into this place then it’s year after year…”

Wicked K replied, “The process is the hardest to nail down. It’s a lot of steps, over 30 steps… But it’s simple. You can do it at home. Just takes devotion and time.”

Guests enjoy "The Chillum Through Our Eyes" at Work N Roll. (C) Santos Flores @papisanto.s

Which Brands And Artists Supported "The Chillum Through Our Eyes"?

Yes, hash-making can be done by anyone. But the brand partners on display at “The Chillum Through Our Eyes” proved that the dedication to the craft does make all the difference. 

The occasion was one of the first events to showcase Joia (“the Jewel of Cannabis”) for a mass audience. Its Rude Boi OG was a very sticky and relaxing hybrid that helped consumers keep up with the vibe of the night, as it allowed you to engage with the panel discussion, but also loosened you up to have a good time when the artists started performing. 

*Editor's Note: Click here for more about Joia's inside story.

Several giveaways and taste-tests throughout the event encouraged guests to try hash and flower from brands such as Wicked Sowa, House of Hash, Cloud Essentials, Piff Coast Farms, and CBD Honey Lips. Other partners included Sunflower Spacecakes, High Maintenance Society, JDosed, The Real Fronto, The Old Man of the Mountain, OMG Events, NYC Vibe Tribe, and more. 

Finally, the attendees enjoyed live musical performances by Rocker-T, Duality, Empress Idama, Jah Bami, and Goldi Locks.

The Dank Duchess speaks at "The Chillum Through Our Eyes" Part 1, October 2023. (C) Santos Flores @papisanto.s

What Can The Cannabis Community Take From "The Chillum Through Our Eyes"?

Overall, “The Chillum Through Our Eyes” was an unforgettable experience. It familiarized people with not only the cornerstones of making hash, but also the challenges and sacrifices needed to overcome to begin doing so. And in bringing so many cannabis consumers together to pay tribute to Bob Marley on his birthday, honoring his legacy of advocacy for the community, it promised a new future. Day by day, the stigmas against cannabis are breaking. When we as a community come together for immersive events that provide both education but also the opportunity to unwind and have a good time, it is a tremendous step in the right direction to normalize the plant we love.

Join Heman, Rocker-T, King Gregory and friends for Re-Legalize Nepal's Maha Shivaratri on Friday, March 8th, 2024. The celebration starts 6-10PM at Divya Dham Temple, 34-63 56th Street, then 9PM-4AM at Thamel NYC, 63-14 Roosevelt Avenue, both in Woodside Queens. Click here for tickets via Eventbrite - The event is FREE, but you must RSVP!

For more about upcoming "The Chillum Through Our Eyes" events, follow @mr_chillum_nyc on Instagram.


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Franklin Saldana, Jr. is a sophomore at LIM College in New York City, currently working toward a Bachelor's degree in The Business of Cannabis. Interning at Honeysuckle Media, it is one of his favorite things to write articles and shed light on artists and advocates who don't get enough credit. One of his main goals is to promote positivity and uplift others. Working as a healthcare assistant and pursuing a career in the business field, he enjoys using his impact to help the world be a better place.


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Featured image: "The Chillum Through Our Eyes" panel. Left to right: Rocker T, Wicked K, Heman, and Leslie Stone. (C) Santos Flores @papisanto.s