As Female Voices Rock prepares to mark its 5th milestone festival in NYC this fall; filmmakers from all over are submitting their films now. Last year we witnessed an amazing lineup of films and we can’t wait to see this year’s screenings.

Supporters are invited to contribute to the cause, ensuring the continued success of this vital platform for womxn filmmakers, screenwriters, directors, actors, and more. The fundraiser aims to expand film screenings, enhance networking opportunities, host more events, and secure the future of the festival.

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With donations Female Voices Rock can screen more films! 

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Donations will enable the festival to showcase a broader range of films, providing a platform for more womxn filmmakers to share their stories and perspectives, celebrating the diversity of womxn voices in the entertainment industry.

Female Voices Rock plans to set up more networking opportunities for womxn filmmakers.

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Recognizing the importance of networking in the industry, Female Voices Rock plans to organize more events, workshops, and panel discussions. These initiatives will facilitate connections among womxn artists, industry professionals, and supporters, fostering a lifelong collaboration and mentorship.

How Female Voices Rock enhances the traditional film festival experience: 

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The fundraiser seeks to create a vibrant festival atmosphere with additional events, including live performances and interactive exhibitions. This holistic approach aims to go beyond traditional film festivals, offering a rich and engaging experience for attendees.

Why is your donation to the womxn film community important? 

This year is crucial for Female Voices Rock, and donations will play a pivotal role in securing the festival's future. Financial support is essential for the initiative's stability, ensuring that Female Voices Rock can continue championing womxn voices in the entertainment industry.

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Supporters are encouraged to donate, not only to invest in this year's festival but also to contribute to the future of Female Voices Rock. Every donation, regardless of size, is a vote of confidence in the power of womxn in entertainment.

Female Voices Rock has touched the lives of many and has become a beacon for diverse voices in the industry. By donating and sharing this initiative, supporters can join the movement that empowers and inspires.

How has Female Voices Rock benefited womxn filmmakers and directors? 

Let’s see what past finalists think of the festival.

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Eunice Levis, Writer & Director of Ro & The Stardust (2022), 2023 Female Voices Rock Finalist, Oscar Qualifying Narrative Short 

“I love this festival. It is produced with the needs and wants of the female creative in mind. The team is intentional about creating spaces that expose, amplify and challenge. I could not ask for a more supportive festival community.” 

Kayla Arend, Writer & Director of Leaving Yellowstone (2023), 2023 Female Voices Rock Finalist, 2023 FVR Best Actor Award for lead actress Angela Wong Carbone

“Female Voices [Rock] is a great meeting place of similar tastes and female cinephiles.”

Jo Steinhart, Writer & Director of Daddy (2022), 2023 Female Voices Rock Finalist

“Female Voices Rock is an amazing festival run by a super hard working team of passionate, thoughtful people who put together an incredible lineup of films…The commitment to showcasing a wide variety of genres and valuing diversity in every way made this festival really special. I'm so grateful I got to be a part of it!”

Lin Que Ayoung, Writer & Director of Cracked (2021), 2021 Female Voices Rock Finalist

“What an Incredible Experience! I can't believe how much Catee Delaloye and the rest of the Female Voices Rock Team have been able to accomplish in just 3 years. Championing Women Artists is not just a fleeting thought. It's their mission and Catee is determined to provide a platform in a world that historically has yet to fully Honor our Perspectives!” 

Natasha Halevi, Writer & Director of Beauty Juice (2019), 2020 Female Voices Rock Finalist

“Totally blown away by the films at this festival. The consistency in quality of filmmaking and storytelling was the best I’ve seen at any festival. It was really awesome to be included in events online! So glad to be introduced to some of these fellow filmmakers also!” 

How Can You Donate To Female Voices Rock?

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Donate today and be a part of this incredible journey. Your contribution will make a lasting impact on the future of womxn voices in the entertainment industry.

Donate to Female Voices Rock here.

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