According to the invitation, the event’s goal was “to disrupt our weekly routine with a fun atmosphere of music, games, giveaways, food, and much more by bringing together the cannabis community in a relaxing, safe space to have fun, socialize and consume cannabis.”

Cannaware delivered on its promise and curated a vibrant space for cannabis-loving community members to break away from the monotony of the rat race amongst like-minded people.

Cannabis enthusiasts network while enjoying music, games, cocktails, and plant-based foods.

Upon entering the event space, guests were greeted by a cacophony of people enjoying the carefully curated vibe. Some people gathered towards the front of the venue in a section set aside for guests to play video games on three separate televisions.

Others lingered at the bar. The menu included fun cocktails, and plant-based food inspired by global flavor profiles from Ital Emporium. A conversational buzz filled the event as Rise Radio’s resident DJ played music that set the tone for the night.

Attendees also gathered around tables in the venue’s outdoor space to play board and card games while chatting and networking.

At the dab station, sponsored by HiFive Edible Wonders, people had the opportunity to learn about solventless extraction while waiting to take a hit.  

The event also featured gift bags and giveaways from the event’s sponsors, as well as a rolling contest where they could show off their skills for a prize. Overall the event, curated by Cannaware’s Platoon, was a perfect way to kick off 2023.

What is the Cannaware Society Platoon?

The Cannaware Society is an educational lifestyle organization that was created in 2017 with the intent to create equal opportunities for access to the cannabis industry through education and advocacy.

Over the past few years, founder and executive director, Grizzly Bocourt has gathered a team of people who are all passionate about spreading Cannaware’s mission of inclusivity.

They collaborate to provide educational programs and networking events where cannabis educators, business owners, and experts can mingle with members of underserved communities. Past events include a panel on The Importance of Self Care, and their Take Action Workshop in Bed-Stuy, which focused on expungement, and cannabis licensing.

The Cannaware Platoon is a team of community members that volunteer to help further the organization’s agenda of providing educational opportunities in communities that are disproportionately affected by the legacy of cannabis prohibition and misinformation.

“The purpose of the platoon is to help community members receive fair and equal access to the cannabis plant and industry, and provide helpful information and resources while fostering underserved communities for economic and social development,” per the organization’s website.

In return for their community service efforts and engagement, the Cannaware Society helps volunteers connect with others in the industry to further their personal endeavors in the world of cannabis.

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