Using social media platforms to spread awareness, bring joy, and advocate for things you feel passionate about is a way to use social media for the better. This is what TikTok and Instagram famous Jessica Golich has accomplished through her entrepreneurial journey. Her funny TikTok videos, she provides comedic relief, Her Instagram posts, she helps spread awareness for the benefits of cannabis use, the black lives matter movement, LGBTQIA, and many other movements or topics she feels passionate about.

Interview With Jessica Golich

Brooke Arezzi: You are active in so many different aspects for someone who is not familiar, can you describe what you do?

Jessica Golich: That’s a great way to put it. I do have my hands on many different things but to begin I literally started in 2016 right in the begining by responding to a craiglist ad looking for a music journalist for a major publication and I had no journalism background whatsoever and I decided that I was just gonna run it and try my best to get the job. And I did! And in through doing so I was able to interview a ton of people around the world and photograph people at many major events. And over time I built a very strong reputation in the music industry and through doing that I was able to parlay my success from the music industry into building an avenue with the cannabis industry which i’m so happy is my main brand now.

Brooke Arezzi: How did you begin incorporating cannabis within your work?

Jessica Golich: You know it happened from a personal experience because I noticed that my mental health was enhancing through medicinal cannabis use and I recognized my creativity in particulary was enhancing. So I wanted to put that forward through the pages I had already built and I just more or less had to learn like the business of being an influencer and in through doing so I was able to build some strong relationships that helped me out at first and now it put me in a very solid place so i’m happy that I was able to build that out.

Brooke Arezzi: Which benefits of cannabis took you by surprise?

Jessica Golich: The physical aspects, so it always amazes me that, you know, when people are going out for a walk or going out for a run your typically, commonly taking a protein shake or getting yourself situated and that manner where more or less I find myself taking half an edible or smoking half a joint and in through doing so I am so much more focused and aligned and in the present throughout any excersize that i’m doing and it just amazes me that I feel my body becoming a lot more psychically healed through cannabis too.

Brooke Arezzi: Recently, the UN has reclassified cannabis as a less dangerous drug; how do you feel about this?

Jessica Golich: I think it’s amazing. I think that it’s about time, one, especially in particular in 2020 that cannabis continues to legalize throughout many states and it also is gonna provide another avenue for individuals to get further away from pharmacuticals in a natural manner.

Brooke Arezzi: What advice do you have for others who want to do what you do?

Jessica Golich: I say more or less that we have…every individual that I know has a smart phone we have these tools in our hand and we have the knowledge by simply googling it on how to create these businesses for ourselves. I know it sounds a little bit surface by just saying that but I have literally built and everything I’ve done I’ve learned through googling, youtube videos, I taught myself how to do photography through literally youtube videos. I’m a TikTok pro now, and I say that humbly because I’ve been on the app for two years and I can utilize every feature that I possibly could. And from practice I’ve learned these skills.

Brooke Arezzi: Considering your popularity on TikTok, do you think this is a good way to reach younger groups?

Jessica Golich: Oh my god, yeah. And it amazes me, like I was talking to a friend about this, in particularly those influencers and for anybody building any brand in any industry that is the biggest area for free engagment and without having to invenst into ad revenue and I mean pushing your work through ads. And TikTok is an open pool right now because it isn’t as stuffed as Instagram is with users and right now where you can head with the algorithm is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Brooke Arezzi: You’re vegan correct?

Jessica Golich: Yes I’ve been vegan for a very long time. I was actually raw vegan for a couple years but I’m back to incorporating cooked food.

Brooke Arezzi: Has veganism changed your experience with cannabis, and if so, how?

Jessica Golich: Excellent question, yes. Definately it has because my body isn’t as locked and my gut health is completely clean because I take care of it with probiotics and the nutrition that I need to ensure that my digestion’s working well and with gut health, if that is aligned in your body it helps your mental health, it helps your physical health there’s so many different areas and I know that cannabis has helped me with my digestion so much.

Brooke Arezzi: What would like to highlight about the projects you work with?

Jessica Golich: Yes. I’m proudly partnered with skymint cannabis and everything that we do really highlights LGBTQ+ equality and providing opportunities for LGBTQ+ voices throughout cannabis. Different opportunities that we’re building in Michigan.


You can check her out on Instagram @jessicaxgolich and TikTok @jessicagolich.