Budist, the world’s first social review platform for the cannabis industry, officially announced its launch today with a curated selection of California products. The platform, led by industry pioneers Jocelyn Sheltraw and Claudio Miranda, is groundbreaking for the sector - the debut app of its kind to centralize and share product reviews from cannabis experts and mainstream consumers with a 100-point rating scale. Some of Budist’s new fans are even calling it “Rotten Tomatoes for the cannabis space.”

Budist co-founder and CEO Jocelyn Sheltraw. Courtesy of Budist.
Budist Chief Operating Officer Claudio Miranda. Courtesy of Budist.

What Makes Budist Unique? The Cannabis Industry's First Dedicated Social Review Platform

“The entire cannabis community—consumers and businesses alike—greatly benefit when multiple points of view are celebrated and everyone has the opportunity to share their unique voice and experience,” says the brand’s co-founder and CEO Jocelyn Sheltraw. “We’ve brought together a team of expert ‘Budists’—including certified Ganjiers, cannabis cup judges, journalists and connoisseurs—who all have an incredible breadth of knowledge to contribute. We empower consumers to learn from them and share their own experiences, giving brands valuable insight into consumer preferences.”

Budist's Cannabis Connoisseurs And Industry Experts Showcase The Platform's Commitment To Transparency

One of the key features that sets Budist apart is its commitment to transparency. Reviews are conducted by industry-recognized subject matter experts with backgrounds in cannabis advocacy, journalism, and connoisseurship. Such seasoned cannabis sophisticates as Jamie Evans of The Herb Somm, farmer and brand educator Roger Sterling AKA Ganja Guru, Rachel Burkons of Altered Plates, Luna Stower of Ispire, internationally renowned DJ and Essential Extracts founder Nikka T, and more are lending their expertise to Budist’s database of community reviews. The level of transparency the company provides, which includes showcasing reviewers’ biographies on the platform, is crucial in overcoming the anonymity often associated with online platforms, eliminating trolling and fostering a sense of community.

Budist is on a mission to democratize the evaluation of cannabis products, challenging the traditional monopoly held by professional critics. Drawing inspiration from entertainment and film review sites, the platform employs a dual rating system that aggregates reviews from both professional critics and the general public. This approach not only provides a holistic perspective on products but also echoes the disruptive force that democratized review aggregators brought to the film industry.

How Is Budist's Social Review Platform Uplifting The Cannabis Community?

Along with offering a platform for honest assessments, Budist also aims to uplift the cannabis community. By blending industry insider knowledge with the appreciation of cannabis in its various modern forms, the app encourages consumers to learn from experts, discover new products, and share recommendations in a safe and open environment. And by celebrating the brands, producers and regions that define California’s cannabis culture and heritage, Budist contributes to the premiumization that is crucial for continued growth and legitimacy of one of the nation’s most developed marketplaces. 

(C) Budist

Where Can You Find Budist's App?

The Budist app is available on the App Store and Google Play, and is currently accepting reviews for products sold through licensed California retailers, with more states to come online in the near future. Those traveling to the Golden State for Hall of Flowers Ventura can also check out Budist at the prestigious B2B conference March 13th and 14th.

By democratizing the review process and emphasizing expertise and transparency, Budist is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cannabis consumption. As the platform expands into new markets, it has the potential to become the go-to resource for cannabis enthusiasts seeking trustworthy information and a sense of community in their journey of exploration and discovery.

For more about Budist, visit budist.com.


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