Indigenous Cannabis Brands

Indigenous brands are front and center for 420. April 20, 2021 is more than National Cannabis Day. Our award-winning media company Honeysuckle Magazine celebrates its 11th print issue. In addition, 2021 marks the historic passage of New York’s Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act. MRTA is the country’s most social equity-focused cannabis legislation to date. Honeysuckle Magazine honors this significant event with a special Times Square billboard campaign saluting Women and Artists in the dynamic cannabis industry.

Times Square Billboard for Indigenous People

This attention-grabbing female and indigenous billboard is smack in the middle of midtown Manhattan. We’re talking about Times Square, the New York City hot spot, located on West 42nd Street at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

Honeysuckle Magazine Founder

“This is a primarily female-led campaign,” said Honeysuckle founder Ronit Pinto. “Women use innovative risk-taking and imagination to elevate their brands. It’s no secret that the plant belongs to them. As the first company to put cannabis and hemp brands on Times Square, we are thrilled to experience this year with another first.”

Ronit adds, “NYE 2019, we featured Dasheeda Dawson of The Weedhead™, the first Black female cannabis business owner to ever grace the boards. This year, our campaign features — for the first time in history — an international collaboration of Indigenous brands as well as the first Indigenous cannabis company to advertise in New York Times Square.”

THC Magazine Founder

“This is super huge for Indian Country,” said campaign participant Mary Jane Oatman, founder of Tribal Hemp & Cannabis (THC) Magazine and the Indigenous Cannabis Coalition. “It elevates the Indigenous social equity cannabis conversation with such a global presence.”

For our cover story, Lil Wayne granted Honeysuckle an exclusive interview about the latest iteration of his cannabis line GKUA Ultra Premium and an upcoming series of in-person and virtual VIP performances, UPROAR at the Torch at the LA Memorial Coliseum, presented by GKUA, where “the greatest rapper alive” will perform with special guests.

Lil Wayne Interview GKUA
Courtesy of Lil Wayne, GKUA

Participating brands include My Bud Vase™, Hamptons Medi Spa, Green Bee Life, HighTea.Life, Legacy 420, THC Magazine, and The Herb Somm, as well as GKUA by Lil Wayne