Honeysuckle is proud to present "Black Gold: A Celebration of Black Cannabis Community Movers and Shakers" in partnership with the Equity Trade Network! First up in this series of Black History Month profiles, it's Oakland's own entrepreneurial trailblazer: Jason Washington, founder of Plants Over Pills (POP™️).

Black Gold: Honeysuckle Magazine And Equity Trade Network Celebrate Black History Month

Drop the needle on Nina Simone's iconic anthem, "Young, Gifted, and Black," because Honeysuckle Magazine is joining forces with Equity Trade Network to unleash a whirlwind of stories, values, and pure personality from the cream of the crop in Black-owned craft brands. This is a celebration with swagger: We’re shining a spotlight on the trailblazers who walk the walk - the community leaders are carving out paths of impact with every puff, pour and product.

Who And What Are The Equity Trade Network?

Who is the Equity Trade Network? They’re the fearless leaders behind the groundbreaking Equity Trade Certification Mark. It's not just a stamp; it's a badge of honor that shouts, "We're here to shake things up!" It’s earned by those dedicated to building equitable ecosystems, where every dollar spent packs a punch of purpose. So get ready to groove to the rhythm of empowerment and progress. Because when Honeysuckle Magazine and Equity Trade Network join forces, history doesn’t repeat itself - it roars into the future.

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Who Is Plants Over Pills Founder Jason Washington?

In the heart of Oakland, California, where the streets hum with the rhythm of resilience and the air is thick with the scent of revolution, Jason Washington stands tall as a beacon of change. As the founder of Plants Over Pills (POP™️), he's not just selling cannabis; he's sowing the seeds of transformation, one bud at a time.

Since its inception in 2019, POP™️ has been more than just a brand; it's a movement. With a mission deeply rooted in the belief that natural alternatives should be accessible to all, Jason's brainchild offers premium indoor smalls at an affordable price point. But it's not just about the product, it's about the purpose. Embracing the power of plants, POP™️ is revolutionizing well-being in communities that have long been overlooked.

Cultural Connection: 

For Jason, cannabis isn't just a commodity, but also a cultural cornerstone. Growing up in Oakland, surrounded by the rich tapestry of Black excellence, cannabis was a symbol of resilience, a testament to survival in the face of adversity.

Soundtrack for Success:

From the soulful strains of Drake's "Unforgettable" to the gritty beats of Mystikal's "Still Smokin," Jason's smoking playlist is a testament to the diverse influences that have shaped his journey. With each puff, he pays homage to the musical legends who paved the way for his own success.

Listen to Drake's "Unforgettable":

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Listen to Mystikal's "Still Smokin":

Favorite “Go To” Munchie: 

When the cannabis induced munchies hit, Jason reaches for the ultimate comfort food: Cheetos Puffs. It's not just about satisfying hunger; it's about indulging in a moment of pure, unadulterated bliss.

Chill Sessions and Connections with Key People:

If given the chance for one perfect "chill session," Jason would choose to spend it with his father—a testament to the deep bonds of family that fuel his entrepreneurial spirit.

(C) Plants Over Pills / Kulture, Inc.

Commitment to Community:

But Jason's vision extends far beyond the confines of his own success. As a Black entrepreneur in a predominantly white industry, he understands the challenges that lie ahead. From financial hurdles to systemic barriers, he's seen it all. Yet, through it all, he remains unwavering in his commitment to building a better future for the Black community.

Looking to the Future:

As he looks to the future, Jason sees endless possibilities. With each sale, each scholarship fund created, he's sowing the seeds of change, one bud at a time. And as long as he holds onto his piece of the industry, the future remains bright.

Making a Difference: 

At the heart of POP™️ lies a mission—a mission to create change, to make a difference. From funding scholarships for opioid and fentanyl abuse treatment to championing community initiatives, Jason and his team are not just in the business of selling cannabis; they're in the business of changing lives.

As Black History Month unfolds, we celebrate pioneers like Jason Washington, whose entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. Through his dedication, his passion, and his unwavering commitment to excellence, he's not just cultivating change; he's planting the seeds of a brighter tomorrow.

For more about Jason and Plants Over Pills, follow @plantsoverpills on Instagram and visit klothingbykulture.com.

To learn more about Equity Trade Network, visit equitytradenetwork.org. You can also read about Equity Trade Network in Honeysuckle's 17th print edition, featuring Havoc of Mobb Deep. Get your copy now at dispensaries nationwide or click here to order!


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Jake Wall is the Chief Innovation Officer and one of the trio of co-founders of MAISON BLOOM, the cannabis industry’s first strain-specific, whole-plant, single-barrel beverage brand. A veteran brand builder and growth marketing leader, Wall has a depth of experience across consumer brands, luxury fashion, digital and e-commerce, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and food and beverage/hospitality industries. Wall has played an integral role in shepherding numerous brands to their high-growth and adoption phases including eHOW, LIVESTRONG, JAKE Clothing, Haute Couture French Bubbles, Ayesha Curry’s International Smoke, and Chef Michael Mina’s empire of restaurants (MINA).

During his time with MINA, Wall oversaw branding and market adoption for 45+ different worldwide locations across 10 brands delivering $220M+ in annual revenues. Prior to MINA, he served as Creative Director at JAKE, where he managed a lifecycle of four seasonal product lines, as well as developing a unique custom operation that could operate at scale to deliver $10M+ in annual revenues and secure a successful exit for stakeholders. He has been profiled in publications including BizBash, Inc.com, SF Chronicle, WWD, Marie Claire, and Huffington Post.

@jakesonetoknowone (IG)

Jaime Lubin is Honeysuckle's Editor-At-Large. Her writing has appeared in HuffPost, Observer, Billboard and more. Also an actress and singer, she can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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