This is what happens when two of the best brands in the cannabis industry collide.

Royal Queen Seeds, one of the world’s largest, most reputable cannabis seed banks, recently announced their new partnership with boxing champion Mike Tyson and his cannabis brand, TYSON 2.0. Together, the powerhouse companies bring new excitement to the art of home-grown cannabis.

Royal Queen Seeds And Mike Tyson's TYSON 2.0 Launch State-Of-The-Art Cannabis Seeds

In perfect timing, states such as New Jersey and New York have both made recent strides in the potential of legalizing home-grown cannabis, meaning consumers can now legally grow cannabis inside the comfort of their own homes. This is a lane inside the cannabis consumption market that has potential to explode this coming year, offering freedom, joy, and undeniable benefits such as education, convenience, and nurturing

Together, Royal Queen Seeds and TYSON 2.0 offer unique, state of the art cannabis seeds to market worldwide, first with the launch of six strains this year specifically: Gelato 44, Dynamite Diesel, NYC Sour D (autoflower), GOAT'lato Auto, Punch Pie and Corkscrew (autoflower). The combination of nostalgic-meets-new is what sets these genetics apart, equipped with feminized and autoflowering seeds that are guaranteed to consistently deliver an exceptional homegrow experience. Another 12 strains are in store amidst their three-year partnership.

Mike Tyson poses with signage for the Royal Queen Seeds x TYSON 2.0 collaboration (C) Royal Queen Seeds

What Is Mike Tyson Saying About TYSON 2.0's Partnership With Royal Queen Seeds?

The first six strains now available—Gelato 44, Dynamite Diesel, NYC Sour D (autoflower), GOAT'lato Auto, Punch Pie and Corkscrew (autoflower)—are a combination of nostalgic-meets-new genetics offered as feminized and autoflowering seeds that will consistently deliver an exceptional home grow experience. An additional 12 strains are on tap for the three-year partnership.

“Growing my own cannabis has been very important to me. It has been a fundamental principle in my journey to deepen my relationship with the plant,” said Mike Tyson, co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of TYSON 2.0. “Growing cannabis at home is an amazing way to slow life down and find enrichment—and the pros with Royal Queen Seeds really know what they’re doing. These first six strains are a perfect taste of what’s to come.”

Adam Wilks, CEO of Carma HoldCo (C) TYSON 2.0

Adam Wilks, CEO of Carma HoldCo, parent company of TYSON 2.0., adds: “Great cannabis flower starts with great genetics. Growing cannabis at home has long been a pastime of this community, and our collaboration makes it easy for consumers to know that the seeds they buy make the same high-quality cannabis that Tyson himself expects.”

Promotional image for Royal Queen Seeds x TYSON 2.0 Collaboration (C) Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds President Shai Ramsahai Talks Homegrow, Unique Strains, And Partnering With TYSON 2.0

Honeysuckle spoke with Shai Ramsahai, President of Royal Queen Seeds, about the exciting new venture.

SHIRLEY JU: How did this partnership come about? 

SHAI RAMSAHAI: At the perfect moment, Adam Wilks and I were introduced. Royal Queen Seeds, which is one of the world’s largest cannabis seed banks, was looking to grow its U.S. consumer awareness, and TYSON 2.0, which is one of the most recognizable U.S. cannabis brands, was in the midst of its plan to expand globally. We couldn’t have asked for better partners. Quoting Mike Tyson: “If you are the best in the world, it is likely we are going to be partners.”

What are you most excited for?

We are excited about the Midwest cannabis boom. When Minnesota legalized adult-use cannabis sales and allowed home grow while the state was propping up its licensed industry, Royal Queen Seeds saw a massive spike in interest in seeds. Additionally, in January of this year, Ohio had a breakaway month for seed sales and is now rivaling California and New York as one of our strongest markets.

What’s the most fulfilling part about growing your own cannabis?

Cultivating cannabis at home is both challenging and incredibly rewarding, not unlike having a vegetable garden. It’s also fun to experiment with growing different strains to see what flavors and effects you genuinely enjoy in a process that is ultimately cheaper than store-bought cannabis in the long run. 

That is why we believe cannabis homegrow has the potential to create a new generation of more informed adult-use shoppers and a craft cottage industry—ensuring consumers make the best purchase for them and allowing brands to develop products and strains that meet the needs of different consumer profiles.

What’s your favorite strain and why?

I’d have to say one of my favorite strains is Titan F1, which is one of our true F1 Hybrids that we launched in 2023. True F1 Hybrids that were used in other agricultural industries but never in the cannabis B2C. The innovation, effort and years of work behind achieving these types of strains makes me really proud. And among our eight available F1 Hybrid strains, Titan definitely holds a special place in my heart being one of the most potent varieties and having really fresh, sugar-citrus notes.

Royal Queen Seeds is known for its international presence. How does this collaboration elevate the company’s presence in the States, and vice versa for TYSON 2.0?

The team at Royal Queen Seeds works hard to make our products available to consumers in markets across the world, from our online store and brick-and-mortar branded outlets in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bangkok and now New York City, to our extended American network of nearly 200 head shops and hydroponic retailers. TYSON 2.0 is one of the most in-demand product brands in licensed retailers across the U.S., and now offers exclusive strains with Royal Queen Seeds’ cannabis genetics experts. It’s a perfect partner matchup to help each company grow global market share and consumer awareness for both brands. 

What do you see as the most pressing issue in the cannabis industry currently?

We believe all Americans should have the right to grow cannabis in their own homes. While growing cannabis at home has long been a contentious topic, it’s looking like 2024 could be a breakout year. With New Jersey recently filed a bill to legalize home grow, and New York developing regulations for home grow, the addressable market could explode with these two states alone. Additionally, we’ve seen cannabis seed sales in the Midwest grow to rival both coasts.

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