Madison Shockley is Chief Executive Officer of Cadre, a visionary social equity brand that actively advocates for equitable opportunities across the cannabis industry, offering exceptional cannabis products while uplifting marginalized communities. Shockley recently announced the grand opening of the brand’s first dispensary, called Off The Charts: Powered by Cadre, which will take place on Saturday, September 2nd in Los Angeles.

Cadre CEO Madison Shockley III and his team inside the new Off The Charts: Powered by Cadre in Los Angeles (C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

What Can Guests Expect At The Grand Opening Of Los Angeles Cannabis Dispensary Off The Charts: Powered By Cadre?

The retailer is a collaborative effort between Cadre and Off The Charts, a family-owned cannabis company created by husband-and-wife team Norman and Darline Yousif. Located at 615 East 61st Street, Off The Charts: Powered by Cadre will host its grand opening celebration from 11am to 5pm, beginning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. All the festivities will bring together community, cannabis brands, and culture in the form of fashion, music, food, and art. Guests will have the opportunity to explore Cadre’s handpicked selection of premium cannabis products, experience live musical performances, and engage in insightful discussions with industry leaders. The artist LaRussell will headline the celebration.

“We are excited to introduce ourselves to the community that we serve by providing them a cannabis retail shop where they feel welcomed and at home,” said Shockley. “Cadre was created to build the social equity owned supply chain by providing ownership opportunities to other equity operators and align our cannabis operations into a cohesive supply chain.”

"Madison has our wholehearted admiration, and our alliance epitomizes what we consider a true partnership,” the Yousif family stated. “The debut of Off The Charts: Powered by Cadre stands as our pioneering collaborative store, which we are very proud of."

“As we come together for the grand opening of Off The Charts: Powered by Cadre, I'm deeply honored to be performing,” LaRussell commented. “It has been an incredible experience to contribute to Cadre's journey over the past year — from their humble beginnings to this epic moment — their growth has been nothing short of inspiring. Mad respect for their journey. I'm stoked to be rockin' the stage at the grand opening.”

Additionally, Cadre cannabis products are rolling out across California, including the entire network of Off The Charts dispensaries.

(C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen
(C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

Madison Shockley's Social Equity Journey In Cannabis: A Landmark Lawsuit, Cadre, And The Cannabis Equity Policy Council

After 5 years, over $1 million invested and having to sue the City of Los Angeles, Shockley is finally able to live his cannabis industry dream.

In 2020, due to the mismanagement of the social equity cannabis licensing process, Shockley successfully led the landmark lawsuit against the City of L.A. which sought to completely overhaul the system. Shockley also co-founded the Social Equity Owners & Workers Association, which organized hundreds of social equity applicants to join the fight. After four months of litigation, the City Council and the Mayor of Los Angeles settled with Shockley by creating an additional 100 dispensary licenses for social equity applicants.

In addition to leading Cadre’s strategic vision, Shockley is also the founder of the Cannabis Equity Policy Council (CEPC), a 501c4 non-profit made up of cannabis equity entrepreneurs and social justice non-profit organizations unified to collectively address the gap in funding, educational resources, and legislative advocacy for cannabis equity policies.

As the founder of CEPC, Shockley advocates for equitable opportunities and shapes policies at the state and national levels, addressing historical disparities and promoting fairness. With his dedication to driving growth and championing social equity, Shockley is instrumental in shaping a more inclusive and thriving cannabis ecosystem.

Today, Shockley’s vision for a true social equity supply chain has come to life.

(C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

Madison Shockley's "The Sounds Of My Life" Weedsday Playlist

“The music in this collection serves as the perfect soundtrack to my current life,” Shockley explained of his Weedsday Playlist.” Having once pursued music as my initial passion and career, each song holds a unique place in my heart, and I find something special in each one. Together, they capture the essence of my journey and resonate with the different aspects of my life.”

SZA - "Snooze"

SZA's “Snooze” is a brilliantly executed song that effortlessly blends mainstream appeal with a soulful essence. The minimalist beat highlights SZA's captivating vocals, creating an immersive experience for listeners. With its enchanting simplicity, "Snooze" stands as a mesmerizing display of artistry, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who listens.

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Young Thug Featuring Drake - "Oh U Went"

“Oh U Went There” by Drake and Young Thug is an inspiring musical masterpiece that takes listeners on a journey to the pinnacle of success. With captivating lyrics and an uplifting melody, the song celebrates the feeling of being on top of the world and serves as a motivational anthem for conquering life's challenges with unwavering confidence.

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*Editor's Note: Did you know that Honeysuckle and Gotham recently launched a reading series with its first event themed around Drake's new poetry book? Check out the highlights here.

Lil Durk - "Pelle Coat"

Lil Durk's “Pelle Coat” unapologetically exposes the hypocrisy and contradictions of individuals in various situations, especially within the context of street life. The song reveals how some who boast about their criminal past may be the first to betray their principles, offering a raw and thought-provoking commentary on human nature and the complexities of authenticity.

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Joyner Lucas - "Broski"

In "Broski" by Joyner Lucas, the artist bares his soul, showcasing the emotional vulnerability one feels towards close friends battling mental health issues, whose envy and desperation can become challenging to navigate. The song skillfully portrays the complexities of supporting individuals facing internal struggles, capturing the delicate balance between empathy and self-preservation in such trying circumstances.

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Lil Durk And Future - "Never Imagined"

“Never Imagined” by Lil Durk and Future resonates deeply with its raw emotion and genuine lyrics, speaking to the ambition and determination in all of us. It's a powerful anthem that motivates me to stay true to my dreams and strive for greatness, reminding me that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance.

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Off The Charts: Powered by Cadre, at 615 East 61st Street in Los Angeles, has its grand opening on Saturday, September 2, 2023, 11AM-5PM. For more about Cadre, visit To learn more about Madison Shockley and the Cannabis Equity Policy Council, visit

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Featured image: Cadre CEO Madison Shockley III outside Off The Charts: Powered by Cadre in Los Angeles (C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen