You should always trust an LA original to deliver. Bloom Brands, one of California’s oldest vape companies, is taking that sentiment to the next level; as the leading brand in Los Angeles, the team has created a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) system that provides a totally unique and convenient online shopping experience. In an economy where COVID-19 protocols and shifting technology have made remote consumption king, Bloom proves it will remain at the very top of cannabis innovation as DTC turns from the sector’s future to its present.

On Bloom’s online shopping platform — Bloom Direct — consumers can select any of the company’s signature strains, including its new live resin releases. Featuring outstanding carts, live resin and pre-rolls, these offerings are tantalizing for California inhabitants, particularly those who value potency and flavor in their elevated experience. If “terpenes are religion,” as the Bloom motto goes, then the sheer range of cannabinoids extracted live from the plant in their live resin is like manna from heaven. Fans of the brands will find exclusive digital deals dropping from Bloom all the time, the most distinctive being “Mix and Match” opportunities to pair multiple strains to help you find your favorites. This attention to customization can’t be found anywhere else in the cannabis industry.

Bloom’s DTC pioneering comes as California tops the American cannabis market; in 2020, the state accounted for $4.4 billion of cannabis sales, up 57 percent from 2019. Los Angeles, where Bloom originated, accounts for the majority of that spending. And according to a report by retail management platform Flowhub Holdings, cannabis businesses that provide delivery options are making 22 percent more in sales on average than those that don’t.

Perhaps that’s why Bloom products are synonymous with opulence, as one Forbes article suggested – the brand can afford to cultivate and process the finest extracts possible, without passing high costs to the consumer. Consumers describe their favorite Bloom strains as “lush and intellectually stimulating,” noting that the aromatics contain hints of exotic flowers and spices, tropical fruits, or sweet desserts depending on one’s preferred flavor profile. The resulting effects create a vibrant and relaxing yet productive high, a sensation purely aligned with California energy.

Indeed, Bloom prides itself on utilizing 100 percent California-grown craft cannabis in its products and has engineered a cutting-edge in-house scientific technology that ensures the greatest quality of clean, terpene-rich oils and extracts. “We understand it’s not just the oil, but also the delivery mechanism that makes the vaping experience special,” the Bloom team said in a statement. The company’s youthful founders (five friends who established the brand in 2014) are committed to refining their tech and processing continuously so that consumers receive the best high of their lives every time. And with Bloom’s Live resin preserving 95 percent of its terpenes, the bold, authentic character of the extracts is sure to uplift you into the stratosphere.

Online shoppers can also enjoy Treat pre-rolls, premium joints from the Bloom brand as delectable as their name. Containing cannabis sourced from local cultivators, the Treat pre-rolls are available in limited batches that rotate with the seasons. Each joint provides a fresh taste and smooth burn, courtesy of finely-ground nugs, and the brief windows of time to try new strains means that every consumer will “treat” themselves to a one-of-a-kind smoking experience.

For those who want even more science with their stone age, Bloom has recently dropped Surf disposables (with new technology to prevent live resin from overheating) and Live Budder, curated limited edition strains of live resin featuring micro diamonds. Like the classic Live cartridges and the deluxe Treat pre-rolls, these items are available in Bloom’s online shop – and perfect for the sophisticated consumer’s wish list.

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So if you’re headed to the Golden State, or are seeking the best gifts for your cannabis-loving friends in the City of Angels, keep the faith. Bloom has ensured the answer to your prayers; cannabis is just a click away.


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