Jeff Lebowe

Jeff Lebowe

Jeff Lebowe is an amateur mycologist and lifelong mycophile living in beautiful British Columbia. He has been deeply involved in the psychedelic mushroom space for several years, and his passion for writing about both the scientific, and the more metaphysical aspects of these psychologically and spiritually healing fungi is a direct result of his own psilocybin experiences. He is the founder of Psilopedia, an online resource offering information on mushroom taxonomy, pharmacology, cultivation, and research, along with directories of doctors/therapists offering psychedelic therapy services, and businesses offering Psilocybe related products. He is also the founder of Spores-Lab, a leading Canadian provider of Psilocybe genetics, growing mediums, and other legal Psilocybe products. He has several years of agaricus mushroom cultivation experience, an extensive knowledge base on many species of bioactive fungi, and is dedicated to propagating both knowledge and the tools necessary to cultivate your own plant medicine; his work with fungi has been featured in Merry Jane. In his spare time, he enjoys mushroom foraging, gardening, backcountry skiing, investigative journalism, psychedelic-experimentation, and attempting to quantify said experimentation through creative expression.

Mushrooms with the outline of a tongue over them.

Shrooms vs. Acid

Magic mushrooms and acid are among the most well known of the classic psychedelics, but oftentimes, those who are curious...

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