What’s the buzz with infused seltzer? We’ll tell you what’s a-happening: There’s a new cannabis beverage champ in town, and its name is WYNK. The charmingly-named drink provides consumers with a light, bubbly social experience and the refreshing flavors of Black Cherry Fizz, Juicy Mango, and Lime Twist. And though WYNK is the most widely distributed cannabis seltzer in the United States, the brand recently made its big debut in the largest consumer market of New York.

What Is WYNK?

Created to be subtler and faster-acting than an edible, and without the dreaded hangover effects of alcohol, WYNK is a perfectly balanced and refreshingly light-flavored seltzer, with a WYNK of THC and CBD. Containing 2.5mg each of THC and CBD, the beverage offers a light, bubbly buzz within 10-15 minutes, perfect for when you want to elevate your social gatherings. WYNK's high also dissipates after 90 minutes, so it’s easy to control your pacing.

WYNK on NYC retailer shelves (C) WYNK

WYNK Arrives In New York

As WYNK rolled into the Big Apple, the brand launched at 18 delis, bodegas, and shops throughout Lower Manhattan (keep reading to find the closest store near you). Grab some WYNK for an impromptu picnic in the park with your crew, or pick up a few cans to elevate your after-work happy hour. Be sure to take a picture and tag @drinkwynk and @honeysucklemagazine on Instagram.


What Makes WYNK Special? The Team On THC Drinks and the Power of Hemp Beverages      

Ahead of this delightful flavor wave, Honeysuckle caught up with the WYNK team to learn more about why the infused beverage is standing out in a category that’s flowing straight to the top of everyone’s shopping lists.

HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE: What makes WYNK different from the other cannabis seltzers on the market?

WYNK: As we like to say, our seltzers contain just a WYNK of THC. And with an equal dose of CBD, you can enjoy the effects without going overboard. WYNK is made with zero calories, zero sugar, and zero alcohol, perfect for a guilt-free hangout any night of the week. Each can of WYNK contains just 2.5mg each of THC and CBD, making it the perfect introduction to THC drinks for even the most cautious of consumers.

More seasoned consumers tend to choose WYNK as a refreshing sidekick to other forms of consumption. When you’re out at a party, you might be puffing on a vape pen, but you probably have a drink in hand. It might as well be a low-dose WYNK!

One of the things our customers love about WYNK is that it delivers a very predictable experience. Because we craft our own beverages and never resort to third-party production, we have tight control over our production process. It’s important to us that what we promise on the outside of the can is what you can expect on the inside. And that means a consistently balanced, light, and social experience every time. Or, as we say, the good kind of predictable.

What’s exciting about this being a hemp-based drink?

One of the greatest things about hemp-based drinks is that they allow more people the chance to experience THC and CBD together. Hemp is known for its high CBD content, but many people don’t realize it also produces THC. For brands like ours, this is perfect for creating a low-dose drink with both of these amazing compounds. And because of the Farm Bill that legalized the production, sale, and consumption of hemp, more and more people can now access these drinks.

You can now find it in your favorite corner store bodega in NYC and crack a can while walking down the street. You can order WYNK online, and it arrives in a discreet box. If you really didn’t want anyone to know you were drinking a THC drink, you could pour it into another glass, and it just looks like any other seltzer. But we hope that our seltzers open up the doors of conversation. We want to see more and more curious people take a taste and experience what all the buzz is about.


What developments in the beverage space over the past year have been most exciting to you?

Without a doubt, the evolution of technology in the beverage space has been incredibly thrilling for us. Functional beverages have come a long way to meet consumers’ evolving lifestyle needs, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this exciting journey. In the past, finding the perfect formula and ensuring consistent delivery of cannabinoids like THC in a beverage was challenging for many brands. We wanted to avoid the pitfalls of cannabinoids sticking to the can's lining, resulting in a subpar experience for consumers. Taste was another crucial factor. We didn't want our drinks to taste "grassy" or like the plant in any way.

That's why we've invested time and effort into refining our processes and techniques. Through our use of nanoemulsion technology, we've achieved full homogenization, ensuring that every sip of WYNK delivers a consistent blend of THC and CBD. Unlike relying on third-party producers, we have complete control over our production, allowing us to maintain an exceptional level of quality and deliver on our promises.

But it's not just about the technology. We’re excited to take advantage of the entirety of this amazing plant and infuse it into our drinks to create a functional experience with reliable results. Our commitment to excellence drives us forward, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for infused beverages.

What is the thought process behind making low-dose beverages? It seems like other brands are offering higher-dosed options.

WYNK allows you to start low and build on your experience, putting you in complete control. One can of WYNK containing 2.5 milligrams of THC and CBD is not going to send you to the moon. We are all about fostering a balance, light, and social experience. A second can of WYNK might offer those stress-relieving benefits associated with light doses of THC and CBD. A third or fourth may lead to a stronger buzz.

WYNK is the perfect way to ensure a reliable and predictable experience, with effects kicking in within 10-15 minutes, compared to the hours it takes for edibles. Plus, WYNK adds a social aspect that edibles lack, making it a more enjoyable and communal way to consume cannabis. And one of the things our customers love is that WYNK doesn’t come with any of the drawbacks of alcohol. By opting for WYNK, you're making a healthier choice without sacrificing the enjoyment of a beverage.

What’s next for WYNK?

We’ve been really happy with our initial direct-to-consumer launch, and we’re currently looking forward to further expansion. Right now, you can find WYNK in retailers in 11 states, and another 12 states can order WYNK online. We want to expand that footprint and get more WYNK to more people.


Where Can I Find WYNK In New York?

Looking to buy your first can of WYNK live and in person on your home turf? Click on the WYNK Store Locator and find the one nearest to you!

WYNK is now available on New York retailers’ shelves. For more information, visit drinkwynk.com or follow @drinkwynk on Instagram.

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