We’re proud to publish the work of revolutionary activist poet James Litkett, beginning with his stirring tribute in memory of Eric Garner’s 2014 death at the hands of New York City police.

For Erica Garner

Where oh where can she be? Can someone help me, help me, Please. I seem to be in the Wrong place, lost and confused As to who I’m and where I Need to be. I’m searching For my country ‘tis of Thee, sweet land of liberty For everyone but me! Land Where my mother cries endlessly! Land where my father and brothers Die daily! Land of the noble Free, except for me! Sweet Freedoms song, for all but me! Author of liberty to all but me! Why, I say, to thee should I sing? In a land so bright Within freedom’s holy light, Why am I not protected, And respected within freedoms Holy light or protected by thine Holy might, Great God, King of all! We are not expendable, disposable Products! As of this time 8/23/143:51 PM this day of Sharpton’s Staten Island March, for my deceased brother, Eric Garner! Murdered in the streets By illegal police chokehold, Which transformed into a legalized new age lynching! At this time I demand All hostile actions cease and desist In regard to the Black man (an endangered species!) ThatMy 14th amendment rights Be upheld, without delay: No state shall Make or enforce any law Which shall abridge the Privileges or immunities Of citizens of the U.S.Nor shall any state deprive Any person of life, liberty or Property, without due process of Law; nor deny to any person within It’s jurisdiction the equal protection of said laws. This America isThe moment of truth, we will Come to a rational decision And course of action due to theFacts, rules and law now in place! Conquer we must, with our cause Being so just! In the year 2014 where, oh where is my America. Why, oh why can’t It still be found! Must I look Underground! Wait another day You say? Oh no way! Cause I have no more time, so just Go ahead and Giv’me mine!!!