Terrence White is a luminary in the cannabis and policy spaces. He is known for being the chairman of the I-71 Committee - a coalition of citizens, industry leaders and stakeholders committed to passing equitable and socially conscious cannabis legislation - and for being the owner and CEO of the luxury cannabis brand Monko.

What Is Monko? A Luxury Lifestyle Cannabis Experience In Washington, D.C.

Monko transcends being a cannabis brand. This lifestyle experience in the heart of Washington, D.C., along with its vertically-integrated cultivation brand Pleasant Hill Wellness, is dedicated to social equity. The Monko mission seamlessly blends a community-driven approach with curated, opulent offerings in the form of premium cannabis products. Monko envisions a future where the cannabis industry is synonymous with positive social change and a life optimized for well-being. In reshaping the cannabis narrative, the brand’s team cultivates an environment that is accessible, diverse, just, and incredibly indulgent. According to the team, “By leading with compassion and a commitment to excellence, we’re setting the standard for ethical business practices, inspiring others to follow in our footsteps towards a more inclusive, luxurious, and socially conscious industry.”

Terrence White, owner and CEO of Monko (C) Monko

Who Is Monko Founder Terrence White?

White lives by the dictum of unwavering commitment to business excellence and social justice. A returned citizen, he champions correcting the disproportionate impact of cannabis criminalization on marginalized communities. He is a fervent advocate for social justice within the industry. While establishing Monko as the premier destination for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an elevated experience, White is redefining cannabis in the place it matters most, the nation’s capital. 

Prior to his work in cannabis, White worked extensively in the real estate industry. During that time he was involved in over $400 million of real estate transactions and founded three successful companies: Swiss Investment Group, Eagle One Consulting, and Urban 360.

(C) Monko
(C) Monko

Terrence White's Musical Roots Weedsday Playlist

For his Weedsday Playlist, Terrence White turned to the musical roots of his memories. He shares, “Music is a big part of who I am. I used to be a promoter back in the day. These songs may not be what you would expect from a Black returned citizen, but I know they’ll make your next smoking sesh enlightening.”

Eagles - "Hotel California"

This is a song you can either hyper-focus on or just let it run in the background and enjoy the vibe.

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Phil Collins - "In The Air Tonight"

Phil Collins is a talented musician and this song is a personal favorite of mine.

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*Editor's Note: Did you know? Tiana Woodruff, founder of Queen Mary, chose "In The Air Tonight" as one of her Soundtracks For Success in our Black Gold series. Comedian Jon Gabrus chose Genesis' "Invisible Touch" (with Phil Collins as lead singer/drummer) as part of his Weedsday Playlist.

The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die (Full Album)

You can’t just choose one song from this album, it has to be experienced whole and uncut.

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Otis Redding - "A Change Is Gonna Come"

This is what you play when you need to relax and enjoy the blues.

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A Tribe Called Quest - "Check The Rhime"

Sometimes you just have to listen to some old-school rap and bob your head. This is the track for that.

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*Editor's Note: Did you know? Michele Castellon, Senior Manager of the Clio Awards, also chose "Check The Rhime" for her Weedsday Playlist. Photographer Neesha Torres chose A Tribe Called Quest's "The Hop" for her Weedsday Playlist

For more on Terrence White and Monko, visit monko.co.

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