Nesha Torres is a Puerto Rican fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Southern California. Torres brings her "Tropical West Coast Aesthetic" to everything she touches. You can find this San Diego native creating vivid, eye-catching content in rad destinations all over.

Who Is Nesha Torres?

In front of and behind the camera for over nine years, Torres has been published in magazines including Cosmopolitan, Nylon, Nude Mag and MJ Lifestyle. She is also the founder of That’s Dope Content, a marketing agency focusing on content creation and influencer campaigns in the fashion and cannabis spaces. Photo and video productions from That’s Dope Content that are viewed worldwide have been created for brands such as Budweiser, PAX, Reebok, and more.

Nesha Torres models Ispire (C) Carlos / @mistaabeats / That's Dope Content @thatsdopecontent

Nesha Torres's Smoke-Inspired Weedsday Playlist

“Not going to lie, playlist making is something I've been doing since a young age,” says Torres. “Started with the cassette, recording songs from the radio to then burning copious amounts of CDs for friends. Fast forward to now, all my playlists are linked on Spotify for every mood, vibe, or genre you're looking for. I've pulled a few of my favorite tracks off of my SMOKE playlist. If you're looking for Sublime, this isn't the playlist for you. It's carefully selected to match any smoke sesh you're hosting. Enjoy.”

Junia Walker Allstars - "Times Square Dub"

This is my favorite song to play when I wake up in the morning. Its slow progression is exactly how I feel when I'm just getting up before coffee, which I really relate to. Once I've gotten coffee, I open my curtains in my living room to let the morning light enter. The disco ball shimmers its best during the morning hours, and music is always playing in the background to keep the morning vibe high. Once the space is set, I set myself up with a morning joint. Once this routine happens, the rest is unstoppable.

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Upper Class - "Conventional Parties"

The successful party needs marijuana. No need to say more.

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A Tribe Called Quest - "The Hop"

This song is dope for me, and I like to smoke to this one in the car. This was my favorite track to blunt cruise the 101 to this past summer, and I'd finish it off my catching sunset somewhere. If you're with friends, even better — but if you're riding solo, take yourself on the best "self-date" ever, buy that top shelf flower you've been wanting to try  and treat yourself to the ultimate vibe.

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Santana - "Aqua Marine"

Slow down the pace with this smooth serenade by Santana. This is when you're already done with the joint/blunt and you just want to be still and hear something that goes nuts. We already know how insane Santana is as an artist, but this song highlights his talents to the full extent. When I'm stoned I listen to every instrument and this song has a whole range of instruments from wind to percussion and strings. Such a perfect arrangement. I enjoy it even more while smoking. I'm sure Carlos Santana would approve!

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Mary J. Blige - "All Night Long"

I love this old 90s R&B feel, perfect for that late night sesh with that special someone. I like R&B in the morning, that's when I feel liveliest. I like being outside for this one. A little sunshine and a walk wouldn't hurt and I bet you'll catch yourself singing and dancing while you walk, cause I know for sure I do. No shame in my game.

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Editors' Note: Are you a Mary J. Blige fan? You might also want to check out Tamara Anderson's Weedsday Playlist!

Weedsday Playlist Bonus Track

Cymande - "Dove"

Because I can't let this one go, and it's too similar to the Santana song, but both need to be shared. This track concludes my top picks. Make sure you listen to this one at 4:20pm when the sunlight is vibey in your space and the smoke is doing its thing with the light. This one is a long song, if you're home, buckle up and enjoy; and if you're cruising with your friends in the car, this is the one you want to play. Everyone will be stoned after the blunt cruise, and you won't need to say anything, just listen to the music.

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