Lauren Miele is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of KushKards, the cannabis greeting card where “one can strike a match and light what is attached.” The award-winning KushKards is the world’s first line of cannabis greeting cards to have a thoughtful slot where a pre-roll or one-hitter can be inserted for your enjoyment.

KushKards founder and CEO Lauren Miele (C) KushKards

Who Is Lauren Miele and What Is KushKards?

A burgeoning fashion designer in 2013 (and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology), Miele launched KushKards to fulfill a need to gift cannabis — at a time when there was no way to do it. Standard greeting cards lacked the form and function, so Miele created a niche market of innovative cannabis gifting for young professionals like herself looking for “the perfect gift with a lift.” Miele quickly grew KushKards into a national brand. The cannabis gifting staple is now sold at over 4000 retail locations including Spencer Gifts, Hustler Hollywood, Museum of Sex and Planet 13, and a mix of dispensaries, smoke shops, adult stores, stationery and gift shops, record stores, mall kiosks, and more.

KushKards was awarded Best New Product in the Lifestyle Category at the 2022 National Stationery Show. Miele also recently launched KushKards' sister brand, the adult-focused greeting card line NaughtyKards. This woman-owned small business continues to grow every day, one card at a time.

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(C) KushKards

Lauren Miele's KushKards and Holiday-Inspired Weedsday Playlist

Always conscious of the holidays and looking toward the new year, Miele created a playlist based off of her own brand’s strengths. She says, “Each song on this playlist is inspired by a KushKard from my various collections — from Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s Day and everything in between, I’ve got you covered!”

(C) KushKards

Lana Del Rey - "Season of The Witch"

With the return of Hocus Pocus 2, this song is often playing in the office. It matches perfectly with our Hocus Pocus Lets Smoke This collection, which was created while a bunch of friends were over at the HQ brainstorming Halloween cards while passing blunts. Check out our Hocus Pocus card!

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[Editors' Note: The 1966 original version of the song by Donovan is a Halloween classic we love!]

Ellie Goulding - "Burn"

When the chorus hits, I know it's time to burn one up! This is feel-good music when the sativa kicks in! All we have to do is let it burn. Check out our Let’s Burn card!

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Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj - "Down in the DM (Remix)"

Well, when it comes to getting naughty, we all know sliding into DMs (direct messages) on Instagram is one way to go. When I was listening to this song “Down in the DM” it made me think “What if one of those DMs became a favorite?” The inside of the card says: ‘I will never leave you on read.” Any millennial will feel these cards more than anyone! Check out our You’re My Fav DM card!

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Mariah Carey - "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

When we are designing Christmas Cards, our smoke sesh in May sounds a lot like the Mariah Carey Christmas album…the high moment when we decided to make a card that replaced “You” with “Weed” in the chorus All I Want for Christmas is You. Check out our All I Want for Christmas Is Weed card!

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Nicki Minaj - "Super Freaky Girl"

Nicki Minaj plays a huge role in the creation of our NaughtyKard Adult Boutique collection. As we all know, she is the queen of rap who reps female sexuality, and all things we can’t believe we are actually singing! Nicki always comes on as 1st in the smoke sesh, filling the air with weed and inspiration. Such NaughtyKards like You Make Me Cream and Eat My Pie are inspirations from Super Freaky Girl now trending! Check out our complete The Naughty Kard Collection collection!

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Featured image: KushKards founder and CEO Lauren Miele (C) KushKards