Navy veteran JM Balbuena is an author, filmmaker, advocate, and entrepreneur focused on empowering aspiring leaders in the rapidly growing legal cannabis space. Balbuena’s debut book, The Successful Canna-preneur, does exactly this.

Who Is The Successful Cannapreneur JM Balbuena?

The multi-award-winning multihyphenate is known for harnessing her talents to create and operate a variety of amazing services in the cannabis industry. With a focus on business development, strategic planning, and execution, Balbuena successfully runs the brand BSW (Boycott Shitty Weed), promoting advocacy through fashion and mutimedia including Web3 and blockchain integration. She also leads Synergy Studios, providing filmmaking, content creation, and executive production to leading brands in the cannabis industry. Currently Balbuena serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Prime Harvest Inc., a technology-focused full-service cannabis corporation horizontally diversified across various segments of the cannabis value chain including licensing acquisition and compliance management, direct-to-consumer operations, and parent company of Jaxx Cannabis, a San Diego-based retailer. Additionally, she is a co-founder of Palenque Provisions, a family -owned Latinx food manufacturer headquartered in New Jersey.

Among her many accolades, Balbuena has been awarded “Cannabis Educator of the Year” at the 2021 Las Vegas Cannabis Awards and named among “100 Latinas Shaping The World” by The New Latina. She received a Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal for her dedicated service as Aviation Electronics Tech in the United States Navy between 2010 to 2014.

The Successful Canna-preneur is Balbuena's firsthand, no-nonsense guide to the legal cannabis industry, encouraging readers' entry into the space through insightful assessments and the requirements to build a compliant cannabis business, as well as helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop a clear vision strategy for long-term success as the world moves closer toward legalization. It's now available in paperback and accessible digitally via Amazon, podcast, and audiobook, as well as pending its first print in Spanish. Stay tuned for more on Balbuena's story in a developing documentary.

JM Balbuena, author of THE SUCCESSFUL CANNA-PRENEUR (C) Yanira Amaya

JM Balbuena's "High On Life" Weedsday Playlist

For her Weedsday Playlist, Balbuena shared with us the tracks that get her high on life: “These songs make me vibrate high— literally and figuratively — while solo seshing or seshing with friends, featuring dope beats, creative lyrical content, and fun sonic expressions for a heightened, connected experience. This playlist is meant to inspire everyone to get more out of life.”

Beyonce - "Heated"

The Queen never disappoints. “Heated” by Beyonce exudes feminine energy and I’m here for it. Perhaps because I am from the Caribbean, but hearing this Beyonce/riddim-ish fusion resonates with me on a deeper level. Towards the end when Bey goes off with the rap verses, the song manages to take you higher… effortlessly. Given that this song makes me dance my heart out, I would pair it with a Blue Dream or Super Jack joint when seshing with friends.

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Toni Jones - "Energy Budget"

Energy is something most of us take for granted. Whenever I listen to “Energy Budget” by Toni Jones, I’m reminded of how in control I am of choosing when and where I exert my energy. Life hits differently when you couple this song and a personal-size joint rolled with homegrown Tangie from award winning @Momma09’s personal garden.

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Shariya Wise - "Sis, You a Bad Bitch"

In life and in business, successful canna-preneurs of all walks of life experience highs and lows. This dope song is especially meant for those downer days when one can’t even muster a gram of motivation to wake and bake. Shariya Wise’s “Sis, You a Bad Bitch” is one of those high vibrational songs that magically sprinkles much needed doses of positivity into the atmosphere. High vibrational music genre is my new wave and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of high vibes with a creative twist.

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Shawna & Mia and Raedio - "Nann Badder"

“Nann Badder” is a song from one of my favorite series, streaming now, called Rap Sh!t. The show is produced by Issa Rae, who is an inspiration to me and a person I consider to be one of the dopest creatives of our generation. That being said, “Nann Badder” is the official "getting-ready-to-go-to-the-sesh" sesh for all besties #iykyk. The song also pairs well with a "chilling-inside-the-car-on-park" sesh, or while solo seshing when missing your bff.

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T3r Elemento - "Jalo y Exhalo"

“Jalo y Exhalo” by T3r Elemento is a West Coast Latin/Hispanic stoner anthem. It describes the amazing experience that is the art of cannabis consumption from grabbing a joint rolled with high quality flower to lighting it up, to taking that first inhale, then exhaling and feeling the giddy sensation traveling from your lungs, to your heart and mind. This particular song pairs well with an "end-of-the-day sesh" after a long productive day.

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For more about JM Balbuena, visit Make getting your copy of her book easy by clicking here.

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