Who Is Social Media Consultant Elizabeth Udell?

Elizabeth Udell is a social media and content marketing consultant based in Los Angeles. Starting in the music and live events industry, she pivoted to cannabis in 2015 and brought her marketing experience with her. Once she mastered the digital marketing of medical and adult-use cannabis in 20 states, she has gone on to service clients all over the world in the industry. Her last in-house role was Head of Social for Cookies Retail; since then she has consulted on 10 different brands in the entertainment, cannabis, food, solar, design and wellness industries. Udell has 26 million views on TikTok under her account @lizoodell, where she posts about restaurants, entertainment, cannabis and comedy. ⁠

Elizabeth Udell (second from left) and friends (C) Elizabeth Udell

Elizabeth Udell's Weedsday Playlist: The Classic Yet Customized "Stoner Playlist"

For her Weedsday Playlist, Udell didn’t have to look far, but the challenge was narrowing it down to her top selections. “I’ve had my own ‘Stoner Playlist’ on Spotify for years and years and years. It has 331 songs right now, so it was really hard to choose five to add here since there are so many amazing songs to smoke to. My playlist is a mix of hip hop, ska, classical, oldies, rock, pop and more. I love all kinds of music and you can't just choose one genre.”

Slightly Stoopid - "2am"

Since I started smoking in high school in South Florida, the beach and Ska vibe was all around, so Slightly Stoopid was always playing when we lit up. It's so relaxing and brings me good feelings.

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Smash Mouth - "All Star"

I'm an old-school girlie and the lyrics in this song are just so powerful, LOL. I love to smoke and feel alive and appreciate the moment with these words.

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Major Lazer Featuring Amber of The Dirty Projectors - "Get Free"

This music video is set in Jamaica and is so beautiful — this song reminds me of Jamaica, where I would spend my time while growing up. I love smoking to this song so much.

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Rusted Root - "Send Me On My Way"

This is SUCH a classic stoner song for me. All my songs have this vibe where it sounds even better high.

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Sublime - "What I Got"

You gotta have some Sublime on your sesh playlist. They make everything better and like I mentioned, I'm a beach kid, so they are very much part of the identity.

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*Editor's Note: Did you know? CelebStoner publisher and cannabis media maven Steve Bloom chose Sublime's "Smoke Two Joints" for his Weedsday Playlist. Check it out here.

For more information about Elizabeth Udell, visit elizabethudell-marketingportfolio.com.

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