Charles McElroy is the founder of Goldleaf, an educational design company focusing on botanical science. Goldleaf creates functional and unique printed items for the cannabis and coffee communities, particularly guided journals, infographic art prints, and other elegant office items. The brand’s mission is to empower through education and elevate through design, making the science behind the plant more approachable and beautifully accessible.

Charles McElroy, founder of Goldleaf (C) Goldleaf

Who Is Goldleaf Founder Charles McElroy?

Over the years McElroy has combined his passions to contribute to the cannabis industry in a wholly unique way. A former volunteer with Marijuana Policy Project - the largest national organization working solely on cannabis policy reform - who spent several years studying permaculture and organic farming in Ohio and Colorado, McElroy merged this background with his history of supporting veterans’ education and access to medical cannabis. He founded Goldleaf in 2016 to benefit the ever-evolving medical and adult-use cannabis communities.

Today, Goldleaf products are available worldwide. The company also provides custom design services, now adorning select dispensaries and white-label products across the US and Canada.

Charles McElroy's Dreamy Weedsday Playlist

For his Weedsday playlist, McElroy describes the ethereal music as “a warm blanket”: “Don't get me wrong, it is packed with some energy, but that is well-manicured and atop a bed of rich melodies which makes it all feel nice and inviting. I thought I'd focus on some of my favorites for the season (fall) and that definitely means dream pop / space rock to me. I'm not sure why they do it for me seasonally, but they do and I love listening to these bands on cool mornings or evenings. Often when I'm alone and introspective. They spark creativity, endearing memories, and all the feels.”

Wrap yourself up in these ultra-comfy tracks.

Fang Island - "Daisy"

Spectacularly fun and melodic dream rock — I love the dichotomy of epic vocal melody and technical hard rock. It’s certainly a progressive tune, but I've been thrilled to have discovered this group.

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The Story Of - "Berkeley"

Harkening back to the days when I lived in Austin, this band kept me company. This song is one of my faves and I love the dreamy piano, hypnotic vocals and geez-Louise, the end change is rad. This tune definitely takes you on a ride.

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Beach House - "Zebra"

Are you sensing the theme? Another dreamy and melodic number. This has always been one of my faves of Beach House, probably because I first heard it on a car ride to a new job that I really hated. This song gave me a little bit of bravery and helped me embrace the sense that “it will be okay.”

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Mew - "Am I Wry? No?"

Taking your ears beyond space, this dreamy tune is packed full of feeling, slick melody and energy. I really love the vocals that Mew puts out. They are like dripping honey on your eardrum.

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Midlake - "Bandits"

Dropping in some acoustic instruments here, this song is one of my faves from Midlake and encapsulates all the things they do well: super-rich vocal melodies/harmonies, out-there lyrics, subdued tones, and woody instrumentation. A favorite tune from a favorite band.

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Featured image: Charles McElroy, founder of Goldleaf (C) Goldleaf